Just some poems I wrote a while ago that I never got round to uploading. Some of them are ok, some of them are terrible, one of them is already up here but I like it so I'm including it anyway. Pleas remember I'm an inexperienced poet.


4. Avalon

When I was young I'd walk to Avalon
Via twisted paths like tangled skeins of thread
And if I strayed too far or lost my way
A fairy light would lead me on ahead.
In deepest winter I would brave the snow,
In rowing boats I crossed the seven seas
I entered forests bold and unafraid
And deep and dark, concealed among the trees—
I found a citadel of gleaming gold
Where sweeping spires reached up to touch the sky
And tolkienesque young elves dressed all in white
Would sing the songs of better days gone by.

But now
I sit
In front of rain-spattered windows
And watch storm clouds
Establish a battalion
On the horizon.
Thunder claps - the canon sounds
A lightening flash - the muskets fire
And if I lose my way
I will be lost
In the shadows.
I block my ears
And try to remember 
the way to Avalon.
But I cannot.

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