The deepest cut.

When his sister decides to commit suicide, Tallahassee Rodgers, a boy of seventeen with a strange obsession with puppets, begins to hallucinate, his father, an abusive man who takes their rights and throws them to the dirt, just starts to get in the way. The poor boy has no way to stop it... Sometimes, the puppeteer, becomes... Controlled...


2. Two

My full name is Tallahassee Alison Rodgers, which I hate. I used to tell people: 

"Call me Tally... Or Alison... Or anything but Tallahassee." And after that, I got the nickname 'Green' yes, like the colour.

This lead to people calling me every other colour in the rainbow, and so I told them to stop. 

This is why I have no friends. I can't keep a friendship, people don't listen to me, and hell, who would want to?

I am an ordinary sixteen year old boy, with nothing special about myself what-so-ever, and I just wanted you to know... If you were hoping for some amazingly fascinating tale about a boy with a pet dragon and some amazing ability, then I'm sorry but... 

You got the real shit.

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