The deepest cut.

When his sister decides to commit suicide, Tallahassee Rodgers, a boy of seventeen with a strange obsession with puppets, begins to hallucinate, his father, an abusive man who takes their rights and throws them to the dirt, just starts to get in the way. The poor boy has no way to stop it... Sometimes, the puppeteer, becomes... Controlled...


3. Three- When your life is a bit shit really

The drive back from the hospital seemed longer than it truly was. Rain poured onto the windscreen and literally... Dampened everyone's mood. By everyone, I mean my mother and I, Father, If I could even call him that, did not come to see my sister, his daughter, for the very last time... Before she was taken away...

But he was there when we got home. Standing on the driveway, a bottle of gin in one hand and a cigarette in the other, a smug grin plastered on his face and his left hand waving to us stupidly. 

I stepped out of the car reluctantly, half glaring at the man I was supposed to call father as I opened the trunk of the car and pulled out a small case of things from the hospice. Father had already swooped in for a kiss off of mother and a sly squeeze of her ass, this made me even more annoyed.

My mother clearly didn't want this, but she was so weak and hurt that she couldn't stop it, and wouldn't even if she could. It took her mid off of things. But not mine. 

I swung the case over my shoulder along with my coat, and slammed the trunk shut, attempting to scoot past the other two. One hand reached out to stop me. 

"How's my best 16 year old boy doing?" Father grinned, he smelled like alcohol and thick aftershave. I hated it.

"For one, I'm your only boy, in fact, I'm your only child now that Rei is dead. But what would you know? You didn't even come to see them take her away. For two, I'm 17, not 16 you incoherent alcoholic as-" I was cut off by a harsh hit to the face, a loud slapping noise erupting as my blood boiled. 

Mother grabbed my father's sleeve and tugged him away gently, with a small sad smile, "Pete.... He's been through a lot today... He didn't mean it...." She protested and leaned in for another kiss to distract him whilst I scampered into the house, bolting up the stairs and slamming the door shut behind me. 

The door didn't have a lock, so I made do and pushed a heavy chair in front of the door to keep it fairly secure. I then flopped down onto my bed and stared at the ceiling, trying to trick myself into thinking that this was all just a horrible nightmare. 

I closed my eyes and bit my lip, I wanted to cry so badly, but what does crying do? Crying wasn't going to solve anything, so I buried my face into my mattress and waited for a while...

But waiting was a bad idea....

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