The deepest cut.

When his sister decides to commit suicide, Tallahassee Rodgers, a boy of seventeen with a strange obsession with puppets, begins to hallucinate, his father, an abusive man who takes their rights and throws them to the dirt, just starts to get in the way. The poor boy has no way to stop it... Sometimes, the puppeteer, becomes... Controlled...


1. An unfortunate event...

When it all comes down to it... I've stopped telling people this story, because well... It's a little far-fetched. People don't believe me when I say that my family was happy as could be, until the smoke cleared.

3am? sirens, and a small note on the kitchen table. Three floors up? The window open, curtains blowing around. The body? Stone cold, still, laying on the concrete, face down. Tears from almost everyone, apart from myself, and him.

The man who called himself a relative, and a close one at that, but didn't come at the times when we needed him most. This wasn't because he couldn't, this was plainly because he couldn't care any less.

In fact, it was usually him that did the hitting, and I'm sure that is why she decided to jump.

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