Anything you can do~



1. One~

Today has been planned in advance, three weeks in advance actually.... And I'm not looking forward to it. My name is Kankri Vantas, I'm 17 years of age and an albino, messy white hair and typical pink eyes, and excuse my phrasing, but it's a pain In my behind. I'm average size if I'm being completely honest, around 5'7 foot? Something like that anyway, I don't particularly know....

I don't have many friends, those I had back in primary school had left long ago due to my habit of 'tagging triggers' apparently there is something wrong with the way I speak, I highly doubt it.

Three weeks ago, My father got into a serious car crash, he didn't die, thankfully, but he went into a coma. Today, he still hasn't woke up, and that Is why I'm where I am now. Moving into an apartment with the son of Mr Captor, who is a very good friend of my father, Mituna Captor.

Mr Captor (Not Mituna, I'll get to that bastard, excuse my language, later) was to head away on a long trip for his job as a journalist, everything linked up perfectly, My little brother Karkat and Mr Captor's youngest son Sollux, were both to go live with another friend of fathers, Mrs Maryam (We called her Auntie Mary) and everyone would get about their lives as normal.

But no, at this moment, everything sucked, I stood outside of the apartment and sighed, I had a horrible feeling that the next few months, yes MONTHS, were going to be absolute hell, triggers thrown around constantly. But hey! What was I to complain? 

I knocked on the door thrice, and stood, waiting in my sweater, it was the beginning of winter and just starting to get a little cold, I heard a shout of: "COMING!!!!" And then the shrill thuds of someone running down the stairs, the key turned in the lock and the door swung open.

Mituna Captor was a tall, thin and lanky figure, with messy, dirty blond hair and a smirk that made you want to slap him. He smelled like a mixture of honey, smoke and two week old genetic leavings. His eyes were odd, one bright green and the other a dull blue, but at least the apartment was a safe place to stay for the time being. It wasn't forever, that was the upside.

Mituna grinned and stood aside, 


Concerning, annoying, and somewhat disturbing... That, was my first impression.

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