The Spice Girls

[Marauders' Era]
Seven girls will be going to Hogwarts:
Lily Evans' cousin, Ginger;
Lucius Malfoy's younger half-sister, Vanilla;
Molly Prewett's younger sister, Saffron;
The sweet lovable Nutmeg:
The spicy Red Pepper;
And the Padruig twins, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.

They will change the course of history...for better, or for worst.


26. ...Love...(I literally had no idea what to title this)

No One's POV
It was Saturday; and everyone was either relaxing, catching up on homework (or rushing to finish it for some), or, just hanging out with their friends. In the Persiantail common room, most of its students sat around the fire places. Rose, Honey, and Skylar sat near the entrance of the tunnel waiting for Rose's little buddy. After a few more minutes Lucy walked over with a sheepish smile on her face, "Sorry I'm late," she said.

"Its okay," Rose replied, "Let's head to the library," she started walking out the common room, "We have a good two and a half hours until lunch" Lucy nodded at Rose and followed them.

(Persiantail is the only house that requires their older students, preferably fifth years, to be 'buddies' for the fourth to first year students. The buddies help the younger students feel more comfortable and accepted in Hogwarts; they tutor them; help them with their subjects; help them know their way around the castle; and most of all, be their friend and be there for them)

Pepper, Naveed, Lotus, and Prim were looking for something entertaining to do, so they decided to look for the rest of the Marauders. They walked by Severus and two of his friends: Elizabeth Trinity, and her boyfriend, Lucas Hollow. It was known by everyone that Elizabeth fancied Severus, even though she was dating Lucas, who was oblivious to it. So when Elizabeth saw Lotus she glared at her, catching the other two boys attention. Lucas just watched them walk by indifferently, while Severus waved to Lotus, who waved back, holding in a blush.

The four soon found the rest of the Marauders by the Black Lake, trying to skate on it. The girls stood near the edge as they watched the boys make fools of themselves on the ice. Soon however, Sirius slide over and pulled Prim onto the ice; followed by Remus with Pepper, and Naveed with Lotus.

Violet woke up with a jolt and saw the time on the clock...12:00. Jumping out of the bed she picked up some clothes and ran into the bathroom. As she exited the bathroom she noted how messy Fabian's dorm room was, and that she and Fabian were the only ones still in the room. Walking over to the bedside "Fabe...Fabe...Fabian!" Violet yelled in his ear, scaring Fabian awake, who was holding his ear.

"What was that for Vi?" he said stretching.

"Its 12"


"People are going to notice" noticing his cluelessness, "You're nowhere to be seen and neither am I"  Violet said trying to explain.

"What's the problem with that?" Fabian asked still not getting the point.

"If Lucius finds out what we're doing, he's going to hex you for sure" she said calming down and sitting on the edge of the bed, "He's giving you a chance. And I don't want him to hurt you Fabe"

Pulling Violet close and looking into her eyes, "Vi, he won't hurt me. He loves you...which is hard to believe...but he won't do anything to make you mad or hate him. The worst he could do is lecture with his protective self and barely threaten me," sighing Violet smiled at him.

"Just don't go telling anyone we-"

"Shagged?" he cut her off, "I think my roommates know. I mean, you weren't exactly quiet" blushing fiercely,

"You said you put up a silencing charm"

"I did, but I'm not sure how long they last; especially with how long we were at it" Fabian said smirking at Violet's red face.

Standing abruptly, "J-just get dressed already, its time for lunch" chuckling Fabian did as he was told.
Inside the Great Hall, Honey and Rose found the Marauders sitting at their table, alongside Pepper, Lotus, and Prim. Sitting down; their sitting arrangements went as so:
{Left side of the table} (at the end of/near the hall's entrance)Remus, (to the left of Remus) Pepper, Prim, Rose, then Honey; {Right side of the table}(across from Remus) Lotus, (to the right of Lotus) James, Sirius, Naveed, and then Peter.

"Hey guys" Pepper said catching the whole groups' attention, "Have any of you seen Nutmeg?"

"Now that you said it, no"


"Not at all"

"We saw her in the hospital wing earlier today" James said

"Hospital wing? Why would she be in there?" Rose asked to no one particular

"Maybe she wasn't feeling good" Prim said

"She hasn't been feeling good for awhile now then" Honey said, "She's disappearing a lot and we never know where she goes off to" she explained. The owl post soon flew in. Prim received letters and parcels from six different owls; one being her parents. Rose received the normal letter or two from home, but she also received a parcel from a school owl. The rest of the group received their normal mail.

"Who's that from?" Prim asked teasingly, "Your secret admirer?"  causing Rose to blush, and gaining the boys' attention

"You have a secret admirer?" Sirius asked, Rose nodded, "When was this?"

"Near the end of summer; right before school started"

"Do you have any idea who its from?" Remus asked

"No, not yet" Rose answered opening the box to reveal a beautiful ivory pearl flower hairpin. Rose couldn't help the small smile that slid onto her face. The girls awed while the boys smirked at her. Prim looked at the letters in front of her and decided to read the one from her parents:
Dear Primrose,
                                        We looked at the qualifications you wrote down for your choices in a husband; and we're content to tell you that we've found a few who suffice. Included in the envelope are the pictures of the candidates, that we hope, one will suit you. Have a pleasant, rest of a school year, and do well in your classes.
                                                    Your  Loving Parents
Prim looked inside her envelope saw indeed, their pictures:
Quincy Ubel~ 19 years old: 4 years older; Fifth son in line to rule family's country.
Paxton Fisher~ 18 years old: 3 years older; Heir to a popular fishing and boating company.
Akakios Hennessy~ 17 years old: 2 years older; In line to run famous liquor/beer company.
Oliver Pepperidge~ 17 years old: 2 years older; In line to run family business.
Julian Chester~ 16 years old: 1 year older; First child of high ministry standing parents
Prim thought they were okay for now; not too old; and around the same age category as herself. She was grateful her parents allowed her to choose; not most parents of their social status really allow it. She looked at the rest of her letters and saw that they were from the boys that qualified. Deciding to read them later she put them her coat pockets.

Rose sat on the ledge of a window on the seventh floor; looking out at the night sky; with her journal on her lap.  Hearing a noise, she turns to look at where she heard it, but saw nothing. Thinking it to be Ms. Norris, she got her bag and ran the opposite way, to get to her common room. Appearing out of thin air, James held his invisibility cloak in one hand, cursing himself for scaring Rose away. Noticing the bluish journal left on the windowsill , James picks it up, noticing it to be the one Rose had in her lap not too long ago. James throws the cloak over himself and sneaks down to his common room, journal in hand.

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