The Spice Girls

[Marauders' Era]
Seven girls will be going to Hogwarts:
Lily Evans' cousin, Ginger;
Lucius Malfoy's younger half-sister, Vanilla;
Molly Prewett's younger sister, Saffron;
The sweet lovable Nutmeg:
The spicy Red Pepper;
And the Padruig twins, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.

They will change the course of history...for better, or for worst.


12. Lily Evans' POV

Lily Evans' POV

I can't believe what I saw earlier in the Great Hall. cousin, Rosemary...she's a witch; but how can that be? Only I was suppose to be the witch in the family; the special girl in the family; better than everyone else. I just don't understand? Don't misunderstand me, I love Rose, its just, was suppose to be the only girl in the family with a gift. Now that Rose is a witch; I won't be as special anymore. Darn it!


Now not only that; but she's in Persiantail. I've never even heard of that house; but it explains the fifth house on the Hogwarts crest. Why! Why! Why! Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! This No! She...Is so annoying!! Almost as annoying as that toe-rag Potter. What is so special about her anyway?!

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