The Spice Girls

[Marauders' Era]
Seven girls will be going to Hogwarts:
Lily Evans' cousin, Ginger;
Lucius Malfoy's younger half-sister, Vanilla;
Molly Prewett's younger sister, Saffron;
The sweet lovable Nutmeg:
The spicy Red Pepper;
And the Padruig twins, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.

They will change the course of history...for better, or for worst.


28. How To: Return a Girl's Journal Part 2- The Prank

Boy's POV
It was near time for dinner and the boys had the plan ready to go. 'Now all we have to do is wait' Naveed said as they head to the Great Hall. 'Prongs, you made sure someone saw you, right?'



'There wasn't anyone around on my side' he mumbled.

Sighing and shaking his head, 'Hopefully someone saw one of us, when we weren't looking' Naveed said as they stopped at the entrance of the Great Hall.

'If no one saw us, the choices on who could've done it are still limited though. I mean its either us or the Prewett twins; so it may still work' Remus said.

'Or some novice' James added.

'Right...' Naveed said suddenly remembering something, 'I have to go, but I'll be back in time for the prank' he said and quickly made his way down the corridor; as the others watched, then went to their tables.

'What did Talons need to do all of a sudden?' Sirius asked the others, as they sat down at the Gryffindor table.

'I remember him talking about something to do with Honey and Violet, but just not what' said James as he tried to remember.

'I think he was saying something about tutoring Honey and Violet' Remus said.

'Oh, that makes since' Sirius said. Peter however wasn't paying attention to what any of them were saying, as he was too busy stuffing his face with food. As the last of the students made their way into the Great Hall, the Marauders were trying to contain their smirks and smiles, but they still saw no sign of Naveed. Minutes went by, and soon dinner was almost over when...

Girl's POV
Rose, Prim, Pepper sat in the Great Hall, for dinner, filling their plates as they conversed. Pepper and Prim were trying to help Rose figure out who her secret admirer is. So far, the two and only main suspects were James Potter (which caused Rose to blush) and Amos Diggory. That was until Dumbledore came into the hall and silenced everyone. "Excuse me everyone, but may Miss Adan, Miss Avon, Miss Besmir, the Blacks, the Colemans, Miss Evans, Miss Fortescue, Miss McKinnon, Mr. Longbottom, Mr. Lupin, the Padruigs, Mr. Pettigrew, Mr. Potter, and the Prewetts all come with me," he announced, and waited as they all walked up to him. Making sure they were all there, he lead them out of the Great Hall.
No One's POV
They followed Dumbledore up a few flights of stairs until they came to a stop in front of the hospital wing. 'Now, what you are about to see' Dumbledore paused before continuing, 'Is very...unexpected' as he opened the doors. As they entered, they all felt a shiver run down their spine.

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