The Spice Girls

[Marauders' Era]
Seven girls will be going to Hogwarts:
Lily Evans' cousin, Ginger;
Lucius Malfoy's younger half-sister, Vanilla;
Molly Prewett's younger sister, Saffron;
The sweet lovable Nutmeg:
The spicy Red Pepper;
And the Padruig twins, Cinnamon and Black Pepper.

They will change the course of history...for better, or for worst.


1. Ginger


Name~ Rosemary Althea Avon
Nicknames~ Ginger, Rose
Age~ 11-15 (age where story takes place after first year)
Blood~ Muggleborn
Mr and Mrs Avon (father and mother) 
Llyn and Llyr (younger twin sister and brother)
Evans Family (maternal aunt, uncle, and cousins)
Likes~ Flowers, almond blossoms, singing
Dislikes~ Snobs, bullies, people that think they're better than others
Personality~ Sweet, kind, caring, forgiving, protective
House~ ???
Favorite Class~ Herbology

<About Me/ Extras>
Hi I'm Lily's cousin, Rosemary, younger than her by one year. We use to be really close before she left to go to the boarding school, that's far away. Now that when she came back for summer, she started acting like she was better than me, and Petunia. Because of that, I lost a great friend but gained a few new ones, so I don't mind. I became closer to Petunia, and made two other friends that I'm close with; their names are Pepper and Youra. Well, I gotta go; I'm leaving for Hogwarts, Lily's 'boarding school', shocker right, must run in the family. But anyway, seeya.

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