Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


8. Nothing and Netflix

Melanie P.O.V. 

After my cry session I leave and go to his house. Despite me being with Justin. I'm searched by security guard. But when I get in I just grab some snacks and head upstairs. 

I'm amazed at the size of the bed. Then the thoughts of all the girls including Selena that he's had in it. Guess that's why he needs a big bed. i shake my head and plop down on the silk duvets. I grab the Roku remote and get on Netflix. 

To Justy: what time will u be back???

From Justy: around 11 or so y?

To Justy:...wanna Netflix and chill 😉 

From Justy: sorry can't tonight working on the album babe

To Justy: :( fine I'll face time Lily night 

From Justy: come on mellie :(

To Justy: goodnight 

I cal  Lily and wait for her tan face to pop up. When she does she does she looks made. 

"So you left me for Justin eh?"

"When I was the one who made you go with me. You didn't even bother to come ask me if I wanted to come," she cried into the phone. 

"Lily I'm sorry. But He said I couldn't bring you with us"

"Whatever. So how's your time with him. Have you fucked yet?"

I roll my eyes and this makes her smile. 

"So haven't seen his you know package or anything?"she says wiggling her eyebrows. 

I know Lily and I know if I tell her she'll probably tell the entire world. 

"Um know I haven't sorry," I said rolling my eyes. 

This makes her do the same. 

"Well your staying with the biggest star in world yet you're using it"


"You could become a model and use him to boost your career. Cause if you're good enough for Justin you're good enough for the cat walk''

"I'm too big to become a model Lily," I groaned. 

"Well I'm not and if I were you . I would be taking pictures of you left and right," she says raising her eyebrows. 

"Well sorry I'm not paper thin"

And before she can respond I end the call. 

I throw my phone on the other side of the room and stretch on the bed. Justin might not be here but that doesn't mean I can't watch something. I pick up the remote and search up SpongeBob. I need to laugh and remember my childhood. 


Justin P.O.V. 

"I know the fans are gonna love this one," I say dancing. 

"I know they will and Skrillex will release it soon and then we can follow up with your true album," Scooter smiles. 

I nod and sit back int he car. 

When we finally get back to the house all the lights are off except the light in the guest bedroom. 

"Alright Justin see you soon,"Scooter yawns. 

wave a goodbye and get out .I finally make my way up to the room to see Mel sprawled under the covers with SpongebBob playing. Her phone is going off. I pick it up to see their texts from her friend back home Lily. I sigh and get under the covers with her. 

"Good night Melanie," I whisper in her ear. 


Sorry this is short but I'm gonna be updating and there will be drama soon 💝

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