Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


14. #JustinisOverParty

Justin P.O.V. 

After forcing Lily to get packed I was finally able to get back on my phone .Then I get more notifications on the pics of her and I. Some of them felt like bullets to my chest. I loved my fans and I never meant to hurt them. But they were treating me like trash. Like I meant to make them made. But I knew how to fix this. I would just delete my Instagram. And ten minutes later #JustinisOverParty started trending on Twitter.

I knew some of them were just trying to be funny but others really made me sick. How could they leave me like this? Just cause they're weren't with me physically doesn't me they're not with me spiritually. I know Scooter told me not to call her but I need someone to listen to me. To listen to my side of the story. Hearing about Lily and I might hurt Mel but I needed her.

I call her and wait for her to pick up.

Melanie P.O.V.

It'd been quite some time since Justin answered but I get an notification on my phone. I open to see #JustinisOverParty is trending on Twitter and Instagram. I tap on the trend and am met with hate tweets with messed up funny jokes about Justin and Lily. I scroll down the tweets and find a picture. When I click on it I almost fall over at the picture. Justin had deleted his Instagram.

How was I supposed to get him now? I groan but get up from my bed and strip from my outfit. I slide on some leggings and an over sized football jersey. I guess the comments got to him. He finally blew it.

I feel my phone go off and when I see the caller ID I can't believe it. I had truly spoken to him in two months. What were we gonna talk about? How I left him so he went out with my friend. Or how he refused to call me. But was able to post endless amount of pictures of his new chick. But that didn't work out so now he was crawling back to me.

"Hello?Melanie?" His voice was soft.

"Justin look if you think you're gonna come back to me after you and Li-

"Stop!" He yelled into the phone.

"I have has enough online. I don't need it to be in real life. Now first of let me say I'm sorry about the whole Lily thing ok?"

"But Justin I saw the pictures. You were kissing all over her," I could feel the stupid tears coming on.

"It was all publicity for Lily's modeling career"

"Well than what do you want Justin?"

I hear something break and him swearing.


His heavy breathing fills the line for about three minutes until there's silence.

"Ask me again" He mutters.


"I said ask me again"

"Ask you what?"

"What I want"

His words are scaring me and I wish I had Scooter's number.

"What do you want Justin?" I sniffle.



This was short so I'll update soon. 



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