Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


12. Hi There

Justin P.O.V. 

I groan and sit back on the couch. 

"They're just overreacting Justin," Lily pouts.

"Yeah but they're my fans and they're the reason I am what I am today"

She rolls her eyes for the millionth time in the last hour.

"Just block the comments already"

I just shake my head and open my phone back up. I look at my notifications on Instagram. I see some more hate comments and then I see someone named BlveIce followed me. The profile pic is one of me. I click on it to see she has over 10K followers. And she's only following 2 people me and Beyonce. I look at her only post and smile at the picture. I don't know if it was her or just a random girl from Tumblr but she was quite beautiful. 

Her curves looked amazing in the simple outfit. And her dark hair reminded me of Melanie. And recently I've been craving to see her for months now but Scooter said not to call or text her. But I just wanted to her voice one more time. And if she found out about how I was thinking about this girl she would kill me. I follow her anyway. 

"Justin are you even listening?" Lily yells. 

"Well what the fuck do you want Lily? Clothes?Shoes?More merchandise you only were once?"

A frown comes onto her face. 

"That's not fair Justin,"she cries. 

I just send the girl a dm. '

To BlveIce: hi there 

The girl is quick to respond

From BlveIce: well hi there

To BlveIce: may I ask ur name and age

I didn't wanna end up like Tyga and that girl. 

Melanie P.O.V.

Fuck. I didn't think he would follow so quick. I didn't think of a name yet. Then again I've always wanted to have the name Milana( pronounced like the city Milan and e). 

To JustinBieber: Milana and I'm 21 

From JustinBieber: hm cute name

To JustinBieber: thx 

From JustinBieber: so wyd?

To JustinBieber: hopefully u 😏

From JustinBieber: cute but let's take it slow 😂

To JustinBieber: I don't want 2 😞

From JustinBieber: 😂 you'll live babe

Justin P.O.V.

''Justin," I hear deep voice say.

I look up to see Scooter and Lily looking at me.


"Why the hell are you so smiley at your phone while I'm talking to you?"

"I was looking at fan edits," I mumble and lock my phone.

"Well we have some news for the both of you"

Justin Sorry is the number one track right now and Love Yourself is right behind it. But Lily we're going to have to let you go"

This make her brown eyes go wide.


"All the negative reactions isn't good for Justin's image. So you have to leave"

She lets out a loud scream and stomps her way up the stairs.

"Don't worry she'll be out by midnight Justin"

"So can I be with Melanie now?"

"No. Now go get her to pack and I'll send a car for her"

I sigh but get up. I grab and a message from Blve makes me smile.

From BlveIce: do u like lollipops?😏


Do you like lollipops? My fav is blueberry flavored..obviously

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