Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


11. Goals and Gagging

Melanie P.O.V. 



"Did you say that Lily and that boy went to party and are now considered a 'thing," my mom frowned. 

"Uh yea mom I did. And I thought I said we weren't going to mention Justin,"I mumbled in the door of the car. 

"Well I didn't say his name did I?"

"I guess you didn't"

She sighs and rubs my thigh. I just continue to look out the window. The Los Angeles palm trees were replaced by the English buildings of England. But I liked them. They reminded me of a security. 

"Come on love we're here"

I groan but manage to get out. She pulls me through the crowds of people and to Chanel. The memories of going to Chanel with Justin come rushing in and I can't walk through the doors. 

''Mom I can't go in there,"I say and tug loose from her grip. 

"And why not?"

Because I wasn't over Justin.

"Because I can't fit any of the clothes anyway. So why not go somewhere else? Maybe a local store?"

She huffs but agrees. And a short drive and awkward silence later we arrive at Chloe's Clothing. 

"See this looks alright," I smile at her. 

She just shakes her head. 

My mom has always loved the finer things in life. She had to have everything expensive. She was wearing a Balenciaga jumpsuit right now. While I was in a simple sweater and leggings.Which is one of the reasons my dad left. He was tired of the credit cards coming back with so many zeros. Even though they could easily pay it back. 

We enter the store to find it has the cutest colors. They were different shades of pastel colors. There was a pair of faded blue jeans. I was expecting them when mom let out a shriek. 


"Where it with this,"she smiled widely. 

It was a plain black shirt with a blurred word on it. 

"Wow mom you're acting like you found a Tom Ford dress or something," I laughed taking the shirt. 

She rolled her eyes and showed a pair of interesting underwear. 

"Fishnet underwear mom? And you're supposed to be the adult here"

"Will I saw a young girl your age and I though you would look even better in them"

"So you're looking at young girl's underwear?"

"No stupid she had one of those crop top things on with them pulled up"

I just shake my head and grab the clothes. NA  twenty minutes later we gather seven more outfits and head out. 

"Well that was fun yeah?"

I give her nod and open my phone. I open Instagram and am disgusted at the amount of pictures of Justin and Lily. 

And looking at the comments I guess I'm not the only one. And then I Selena's comments. Finally someone told him. The comments give me an idea. Maybe I could show him what he's missing. I make a new account and give it a cute name:BlveIce. I'll hide or just never show my face in the pictures. I put on one of the outfits and cover my face with my phone. 

I smile at the image and start following people. I make sure he's the first person I follow. I only follow Beyonce afterwards. I sit back on my phone and pray he'll follow back. If he does I just hope the press don't notice. 


I want ice cream. :( Enjoy your day/night

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