Justin and Melanie are both looking for some to love and care for...and then one night they find each other// chapters will be short


2. Dance For You

Melanie P.O.V. 

"For the last time no Lilly I'm not going to one of those clubs"

"And why not?"

"Cause I'm not a stripper now leave me alone so I can sleep"

I have been arguing with her for thirty minutes straight now and she doesn't look like she's giving up any time soon. And I've been through a lot this past week and I thought as my best friend she would understand. But she's just making them worse.

"Come on Mel all the guys are at strip clubs," she pouted snuggling on my stomach.

"Why do I have to go anyway?"

"Because you never to get over you know who"

"I've been over him for a week now Lil now please let me sleep"

She only crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. She got off the bed and at first I think she's finally done with me but she just goes over to my closet. She's in there for a few minutes and when she returns she has a dress I've never seen before and pair of wedges. 

"Get up and get your fat ass in this dress,"she instructs and then leaves to get dressed herself. 

I groan and grab the items and head to the bathroom to get ready. When I look in the mirror I'm shocked at my appearance. I never noticed I had bags until now. I guess the breakup with Niall really took a toll on me. I rub my face and strip of my pajama and trade them for the black dress. I struggle with the wedges but I finally get them on I apply my makeup. I only put on foundation and a little blush because I'm more natural when putting it on.   

Once i'm completely finished I head to living room to wait for Lily. Knowing her she might come in here with a full red carpet dress or something. She was always the type of girl to dress up for the smallest things. But after ten minutes pass I can't wait any longer. If she doesn't come in the next three minutes I'm throwing my pajamas back on. She soon comes out with a long red dress on and tan strapped heels. 

"We're not going to the Oscars," I groan. 

She only smiles and pulls out a tube of nude lipstick and applies a couple layers. 

"When you're trying to catch a guy you can never look over dressed"

 I ignore her words and grab my clutch and head to the car. After a long drive of hearing her sing Justin Bieber and Rihanna we finally arrive at the club. It's only eight but the club already looks packed. After ten minutes of checking our ids we're able to get inside and I'm a little shocked at what I see. I don't usually go to clubs and when I do I always go to the lame ones because I know they won'y be as crazy.

This one comes complete strippers on poles two times bigger than them. There are people everywhere. Some are either soaked in sweat or in alcohol. But we push are way back to the bar section and order 2 shots for the both of us. I'm not really a heavy drinker so after I'm done with those I'm done for the night. But not Lily she keeps them going until the bartender gives her a two hour wait on her next drink. She pouts but obliges and drags onto the dance floor. The DJ plays work and the crown erupts into mayhem. Lily and I do our best Rihanna dance. 

I know I shouldn't but I'm having a great time here. But after 'Really Really' by Kevin Gates comes on my feet are exhausted. I leave Lily with a group of girls and walk around to find a seat. But they look all full except for the 'VIP' section and it has velvet ropes with a sign that says reserved. There are people whom look like they're wearing clothes more expensive than my rent. But I just go under the rope and was about to have a seat when I feel a hand on my shoulder. 

"Are you one of the dancer?," a deep voice speaks. 

I turn around to see a guy who looks like he could eat me. And if I say 'no' I'll have to leave and I can't stand any longer these wedges are killing me. 

"Uh yes I am sorry I got confused on where to go," I lie. 

He only nods and grabs my wrist and pulls me back to curtain. He wants me to dance for a door? But he pulls the door open to reveal some guy on his phone. 


"Justin your dancer is here,"the guy yells and the guy lifts up and I try to control my eyes so they don't come out of my head. If Sofia was here she would've tried to suffocate him with kisses. He tells the guy he can leave and when he does I'm left standing in front of Justin fucking Bieber. For awhile we just look at each other and the silence becomes a little too much to handle. 

"So are you gonna dance or not?" He finally speaks up. 

I bite my lip but nod. I  use my experience from watch some rap videos and channel that and try to do my best. But before I start he grabs my waist. 

"This needs to be off," He says tugging at the hem of my dress. 


"You're an exotic dancer you should be used to stripping by now"

I try my best not to strangle him and slowly strip of my dress. I hear his breath hitch and I wanna go hide in the corner. Maybe he was shocked at my body. What if he thinks I'm ugly. 

I use my hair tie and pull my hair back into a messy bun. I close my eyes and channel my best Nicki Minaj and RIhanna. He turns on some weird music from his phone and I began probably the worst dance in my life. 

Justin P.O.V. 

I could tell she wasn't one of the dancers but I wasn't tell her though. She was cute and the way her curves looked in her dress I didn't mind that she wasn't a dancer. As long as I got to see some of her bare skin. Her dance is so slow and sexy I just get the urge to just to take her over the table. 

"Stop what's your name and age"

She stop and looks down. 

"Melanie and I'm 21"

I examine her body one more time.

"Would you want to come to America with me?"

Her head jolts up in surprise.

"Leave England for America?"

I nod and she bites her full lips. 

"Besides you don't have an English accent"

"I'm came to London with my parents but never have really gotten the accent"

"Well you look like a nice girl so is it a yes or no?"

"well I have a friend who lives with me and I couldn't leave her"

I only sigh I wasn't trying to bring more than one girl with me back Atlanta. 

"Sorry she can't come love but you can and that's all that matters"

She frowns and began to gather her stuff. Before she can leave I wrap my arms around her waist. 

"Look I think you're beautiful and a nice girl and I can fly your friend to America in a couple weeks ok?"

She looks at me and I can see her innocence through her hazel eyes. 

"If I go to America what do you want to do with me?"

"I wanna get to know because you look like you need someone"

Melanie P.O.V. 

I know this will change my life but Lily did say I needed to get over Niall. And what other chance would I get to be with Justin Bieber. So I give him a yes. He smiles and pulls me through the heavy packed crowd and we walk outside till we see a Aston Martin. I can't help but marvel at the expensive car. It was a nice matte black color. He opens the door for me and I get in. As soon as he starts the car paparazzi flock from around the car and he speeds away. 

"Where are we going?"

"To my hotel then we're going back to Atlanta tomorrow morning"

I sit back and look at the high skyscrapers of London knowing that I'll be going be back to America tomorrow. I made sure to remember every detail of London. 


There you go :) Mellie is going to America with one of the biggest pop stars right now. How will the media see her and Justin?Will they get to know each other before the media labels her?

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