Supernatural Told By Me

This story will be entertaining yet profoundly horrifying.


1. The Death of My Sister

"No!" I screamed. I had seen nothing like it. The fear, the adrenaline pushed me to his that thing. The beast, that splattered her blood on the walls. I wanted to hurt him -no wait- I wanted to hurt it. I turned, afraid, a coward like I always was. I ran upstairs, and called Dean. It rang, and someone picked up. 

           "Maya?" he answered

           "Dean! It's here! Help me!" I yelled, as the beast came charging up the steps, and into my room. I was against the wall. I knew it was a demon. It was a horrifying creature. It would torture anyone for information, and trust me, I had a lot of that. I screamed as it grabbed me. I knew what lied ahead. Pain, suffering, torture, and death, all the things I was afraid of. All the things made me cry myself to sleep every night. Someone crashed through the front door. The demon, pulled a knife from it's belt, he shoved the knife into my stomach. I screamed bloody murder, and then I saw Sam. HIs face full of fear, and I slid down to the floor. 

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