Angel Messenger

What happens on the other side? I can't tell you how many times a day I receive this question. I'm one of many angels. In order to tell you how I do my job, I have to tell you the stories of the many lost souls I see every day.


8. The Second


Staring into the oblivion I close my eyes and let the galaxy form above me. I picture it in it’s truest form just as the angels do every night. After I open them I see the blues and greens of the galaxy above me with a multitude of stars entangled inside of it. It slowly waves through the sky above me and the orange and yellows take it’s place with Neptune creeping it’s way inside the colors. They orbit above me and I watch the plethora of colors and stars move to mimic the worlds view.

All too suddenly it’s gone and I await my next arrival realizing I just need them to return to me. Technically my work day is done and all I have to do is send them to their rightful places. I smile at the thought and await by the doors for one of them to return. I get that satisfying feeling of acceptance and righteousness for the right doing I’m performing. It begins in my soul and spreads throughout leaving me warm and tingling with contentment.

The door opens and I am greeted with Nathanuel. He seems to have brightened considerably if that’s possible. He’s smiling from ear to ear as he says,

*“Hermosa, que he visto la vida y me senti despertar.” his voice filled with absoluteness. He indeed sounds as though he’s awakened. Whatever he’s seen below it’s ignited the flame he lost before he passed on.

**“Gracias pos mostrarme el lado hermosa de la vida. Los recuerdos de mi propia empezaron a llegar de nuevo junto con las sensaciones que tuve con ellos.” He continues with excitement in his eyes. His flooding of emotions is what brought him back and I can see his happiness radiate from him. 

As he tells me how the youth of his town showed him the ways of how he lives, it made him think of himself. Visions of a younger him were brought to light as they traveled through the clay town. Moments were reenacted as he showed Nathanuel the creative ways he goes about every day problems. The happiness he felt when he watched a football game between the younger man and his friends. His old tricks were rehashed in that game and he found himself playing alongside them.

By the end of it all he’s so happy I fear he might begin crying again. But he simply kisses my forehead and embraces me in my silence. He smells of clay and old architecture as the warmth of his hometown envelops me. When he releases me I’m so overwhelmed with feelings I can’t process them all. 

***“De nada, Nathanuel.” I say with a gentle tone.

****“Estoy feliz de decir que se puede proceder sucesivamente. Le gustaria ver lo que viene?” I ask wondering if he’s as excited as I. He agrees to proceed on and I walk with him to the other doors. Before he ascends he turns to me with a question on his lips. 

*****“Lo que sucede en el otro lado?” He asks looking into my eyes. There’s the question. It seems my day is never complete without someone asking what happens on the other side. I smile and simply say,

******“Ver por ti mismo.” he looks ahead and continues on before disappearing behind the doors.


* "Beautiful, I have seen life and I felt awakened."

** "Thank you for showing me the beautiful side of life. The memories of my own began to arrive again along with the feelings I had with them."

*** "You're welcome, Nathanuel."

**** "I am happy to say that you can proceed successively. Would you like to see what's coming?"

***** "What happens on the other side?"

****** "See for yourself."

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