Angel Messenger

What happens on the other side? I can't tell you how many times a day I receive this question. I'm one of many angels. In order to tell you how I do my job, I have to tell you the stories of the many lost souls I see every day.


4. David

My job was not the easiest. Nor was it the hardest in this afterlife. But it certainly takes a lot out of a person whose sole purpose of existing is based off of energy. As I stand behind my podium, I glance up at the clock above the doors once more and see I have less than a minute to regain composure. Taking a few deep breaths -though unnecessary- I sigh and walk over to the doors unfazed by my changing surroundings. 

As I stand at the bottom of the stairs I watch a middle aged man walk through. He looks around bewildered for a moment. Once his eyes lock on me I smile warmly and offer out my hand. 

“Welcome, David.” I say openly. His right eyebrow raises but he descends the stairs and shakes my hand firmly.

“Thank you…..I think. Am I to assume this is where the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ leads me to?” He questions skeptically. I nod and wait for more questions, but his exasperated sigh and quizzical expression are all I receive.

“So. Where are the beautiful women and celebrities?” He asks, walking around my workspace. I follow after with a few feet between us,

“You have to go through a certain process first.” I answer softly. He scoffs and sighs deeply before turning on his heel to look at me.

“I should‘ve known there was a catch. What do I have to do? Scream to the heavens that God is my one and only savior? Do a couple of Hail Mary‘s and recite from the scripture?” He asks expectantly. His hands are stuffed in his pockets.

I shake my head in response and stare at his face to see if he’s finished. Once he’s quiet I nod and answer,

“Before you pass over there‘s someone still down there who needs your help.” his eyes squint in confusion.

“That‘s it?” He asks in disbelief. He chuckles to himself for a moment and walks around gruffly sighing.

“What happens if I say no?” When he turns I fight to remain composed. 

“Nothing I suppose. Except you‘ll remain with the emptiness you feel all the while you stay here.” I reply unhinged. 

We stand in silence for a moment, neither of us moving or breaking eye contact. His eyes are searching. They look for signs of deceit or uncertainty about what I said. As I stand my ground and continue to stare with firmness and confidence, he weakens his gaze. When I begin to think the big man made a mistake, his face drops and his cold, distant eyes stare at his shoes.

“I guess I can live with that. Considering most of my life was emptiness anyway.” He answers in a soft voice.

I close my eyes and give a soft and deep exhale. No mistake. He isn’t a hopeless case. When I open my eyes again I find him looking back at me with soft eyes. For the first time since he initially arrived, I smile.

“I can almost guarantee you that this experience will give you quite the opposite feeling. Almost everyone who‘s gone to help another has come back feeling better than they did when they came.” I reply, extending my hand out and holding his right arm lightly. He looks down at my hand and then back at me with a small smile.

“Would you like to see your information?” I ask. He nods while I let him go and head over to my podium. When I open his file I feel his presence behind me and turn to look over my shoulder, putting me half an inch from his mouth. Instantly, I look back at the file and feel my face heat up from embarrassment. 

“That‘s everything about me?” He asks, completely unfazed. I only nod in agreement as I pick up a yellow post it. Clearing my throat I distance myself away from the podium and him, turning around to hand it to him. He stares at it, taking it from my hand and reading it to himself.

I’m almost certain he’s disappointed, as we walk toward the double doors on the other side of the room. Once we stand below the steps he asks,

“I don‘t get any gadgets or intel about my person?” his words soft and gruff. Stifling laughter I shake my head in response.

“No. Just the name and address.” I answer back with a smile. Sighing he walks up the stairs and touches the door, it springs open revealing a bright light and like that, he was gone.


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