A Different Kind of Reputation

With thirty minutes and school work separating Talia and Jason apart from each other, they have to figure out ways to be the best they can be for their baby. From being the school bad boy back in high school, to being the football star daddy in college, Jason has to figure out ways to fit back in with the crowd and keep his reputation as a father. From being the school nerd to the scholar mommy, Natalia has to figure out ways to let loose and have fun while keeping her reputation as a mother. Find out what goes on in this crazy life of Jason and Natalia in the second book, A Different Kind of Reputation.


2. Chapter Two

Here are the characters for this book. As you'll be able to see, the characters didn't change, but there are new ones. 

Natalia Grey: Anna-Sophia Robb

Jason Summers: Dylan O'Brien

Tommy Summers: Boomer Phelps

Ronnie Atkins: Caitlin Stacey

Tyler Sorrowe: Paul Wesley

Addison Clark: Alex Pettyfer

Amber York: Madison Pettis

Jackson Phillips: Spencer Boldman

Matt Heely: Zach Roerig

Kaitlyn Fleming: Kat Graham

Harrison Spence: Ian Somerhalder

Bria Clark: Teresa Palmer

Adelaide Spence: Zoey Deutch

Nick Armadilla: Leo Howard

Phoebe: Nikki Reed

Natalia's POV

"Who's ready for this football game?" Addison asked, raising his hands in the air.

"How'd you get in my room?" I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"Ronnie was leaving and held the door for me." He replied, sitting on my desk.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Nine thirty-five."

"Let me sleep."

"Nope, you need to get up. Someone has a little baby coming to see them in about... an hour. You have ten minutes to get ready. We're leaving in fifteen." He informed.

Addison recently has become a father figure to me. Always telling me what to do, focusing on my eating, reminding me to take my medication, driving me places. Taking me to get my third tattoo.

Tyler is going with us to the game today, and he's so excited. I'm just a little worried as to what will happen between Jason and Tyler. We all know Jason has a tendency of becoming jealous, and also, I'm worried about what Tyler will say about me.

"Let's go, T!" Addison yelled, banging on the door.

"I'm coming!" I groaned, sliding my jacket over my head. I covered my tattoo with my sleeve, before grabbing my keys.

"Ready?" He asked.


"Good. Tyler is already in the van and so is Phoebe. We gotta get going." He said.

"Alright." I sighed, walking down the stairs, checking my phone. 

"Who's excited?" Addison asked as we drove away from my school.

"I am." Tyler replied. I looked over to him. "What? I am. I haven't met this guy." He replied.

"I'm just excited to see my family again. I haven't seen them since I left home." I smiled, putting my hands together. Addison smiled and turned down a road.


"Jason!" I exclaimed, running to my boyfriend. His arms wrapped around my waist as he hoisted me up in the air.

"I missed you." I smiled.

"I know, baby." He replied, setting me down on the ground.

"We have so much to talk about. But, there's someone I want you to meet." I said, calling Tyler over.

"Talia, not now."

"Jase, we only have ten minutes before everyone else gets here. Now is the time." I replied.

"Jase, this is Tyler. Tyler, meet Jason." I introduced.

"Great to finally meet you. Natalia told me so much about you." Tyler smiled.

"Haven't heard anything about you," Jason replied.

"Yeah, I know. But it's great to finally meet you, man. I, myself, play football."

"Hm, right," Jason replied, turning back to me.

"I'm going to put my things in your room before the family gets here. In the mean time, both you, get to know each other. Both of you, meaning you, Jase." I said. He rolled his eyes before turning back to Tyler.

Jason's POV

"Listen, I'm obviously not a huge fan of you. Not a huge fan of any guy who's friends with my girl. So, let's just get this straight, if you touch, flirt, or even look at Talia with lust, I will not hesitate to end your life." I said.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that. My girlfriend wouldn't be happy." He laughed.

"Girlfriend?" I asked.

"Yes, girlfriend. Michelle is her name. We've been dating for five years now." He replied.

"So, you won't be hitting on my girl?" I asked.

"Wouldn't even think of it, man. She's pretty and all, but I won't go for another man's girl. Natalia is like my closest friend back at school." He replied.

"So? How'd the nice bonding go?" Talia asked, joining us back in the driveway.


"Oh, great!" She smiled, clapping her hands.

"Jase, look." She smiled, pointing to the bus that pulled into the driveway.

"They rented a bus?" I asked.

"Probably. I just wanna know where they put Tommy, Macey, and Zack." She replied.

"Who's Tommy?" Tyler asked.

"I'll tell you once he gets out of the car," Talia replied, as her sister and brother came out of the bus.

"Natty!" They both yelled. Talia picked up Macey before picking up her little brother and hugging them both.

"Talia." Adelaide smiled, as she walked out of the bus.

"Oh my god," Talia said, putting her siblings down and walking to my cousin with her arms out.

Natalia's POV

"Hi, baby." I smiled, kissing the baby's head.

"Who's the guy?" Adelaide asked.

"That's Tyler. He's kind of like the Jackson at college." She nodded and ran her hands through her little girl's pigtails.

"You remember Talia, baby?" Adelaide asked. Sapphire put her head on her mother's shoulder before sucking on her thumb.

"That's Tommy's mommy." She said.

"Rommy. Rommy. Rommy." Sapphire whispered.

"She can't pronounce her T's yet, so it's only Rommy." Adelaide explained. I nodded and continued to run my hands down my baby's head.

"Oh, Adelaide, Sally, Mike, Bria, Edward, Harrison, this is Tyler. Tyler, meet the family." I smiled.

"Nice to meet you. I heard so much about you." Tyler smiled.

"You too. But I think we should head over to the hotel, don't you?" Sally asked.

"Mom, let Talia see everyone," Bria replied.

"Who's this little guy?" Tyler asked, playing with Tommy's hand as the baby put his mouth on my shirt.

"Anyone have a bottle?" I asked. Adelaide nodded and went into the diaper bag on her shoulder.

"Babe, I gotta get to the field. I'll see you later, okay?" Jason said, wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Yeah. Um, I think we're all going to dinner tonight?" I asked.

"Take that up with my aunt. But I gotta go." He replied. I nodded before he kissed me.

"Jase." I called. He turned around quickly. I pointed to Tommy before it clicked in his mind.

"Forgot he was here, honestly." He laughed before kissing the baby's forehead.

"I love you! Be careful!" I yelled.

"Love you."


"I heard this is one of the hardest teams to beat in the league." Harrison said as we watched the football game.

"How hard?" I asked.

"Beating people up, starting fights, having people get hurt."

"Harrison, stop it." Adelaide said.

"What? I'm being honest. The coach is one of the worst out there." He replied.

"Don't listen to him, T." Adelaide smiled.

"Go baby!" Sally yelled, standing up. I looked to the field seeing Jason sprinting with the ball clutched to his side. "Go baby! Go!" Sally yelled, clapping her hands.

The crowd cheered loudly as Jason made his way into the end zone. Sally threw her hands up and hugged Mike next to her. "That's my boy!" She yelled, clapping her hands.

"That's your daddy." I smiled, bouncing Tommy in my arms. He smiled widely before giggling to himself. I kissed his cheek before sitting back down on the bleachers.

"He got lucky on that one." Harrison said.

"Harrison, shut up." Adelaide said, once again. I rolled my eyes before turning back to the field.

"Talia, do you want something? Mike is going to get some drinks." Sally offered.

"I'll just have a water, please." I smiled. Mike nodded before starting down the bleachers.

"Do you want me to take him?" Harrison asked.

"No, I'm fine. You get to see him every day. I only get to see him this weekend." I replied. He nodded before turning back to the game.

I looked down to Tommy who had his hand in his mouth as he blabbed his little heart out. "Are you talking?" I asked, lowering my head down. He laughed and grabbed my hair, pulling on it a little.

"Natty, I gotta go pee." Macey said, standing in front of me.

"Alright, come on." I sighed, standing up.

"You got him?" Adelaide asked.

"Yeah, he has to be changed anyway. Zack, do you have to go potty?" I asked. He nodded.

"I'll come with you." Tyler said, standing up.

"Just pick him up. He can't go down the stairs."

"Alright. Just stay out here when you're done, okay?" I asked. Tyler nodded before leading my little brother into the bathroom.

I walked into the handicapped stall and put the changing table down. "I'll stay in here with you. Tommy has to be changed." I informed, setting my baby on the changing table.

After changing Tommy and Macey doing her business, we finally got out to the stands. Tyler was stood there holding Zack in his arms, exactly where I told him to be.

"I'm hungry, Natty." Macey said.

"Alright, I'll get you something. But nothing sugar, you hear me? No candy." I said. She nodded.

"You still never told me who the baby is." Tyler said, bumping into my side.

"It's Tommy."

"Really? I didn't know." He said. I sighed and looked down to the baby clinging to my chest.

"He's mine, Tyler. Well, mine and Jason's." I informed.

"That's what I thought."

"You're not stopping short. Or calling me a slut. Why?"

"Because I'm not that kind of person. I had a feeling you were a mom before, I just never said something."


"He, um, he looks like Jason. A lot like him, actually." He said as we stood in line for food.

"Yeah, I know. He's a spitting image of him."

"Look, just because I told you about this, doesn't mean you have to treat me differently. And don't think I didn't tell you because I didn't trust you. I didn't tell anyone. But please, don't treat me differently." I said.

"That's the reason you won't go to a party?" Tyler asked, looking down to me.

"Yes and no. The reasoning I gave you is true. I am very hard to handle at parties, and I do stupid things that I don't want to regret the next day. And because of Tommy."

"Natty, Mr. Mike bought me food." Macey said, holding a little plate of French fries.

"And did you thank him?" She nodded.

"Did she thank you?" I asked as Mike appeared next to me.

"She did, very fast."

"Thank you, Mike. Really. Everything you and your factory have done for me. It's great." I smiled

"Don't thank us. You became our family when you started living with Alex." He replied.

"You know, for someone who's always working and traveling, you come to a lot of family events now." I smirked.

"I have time off."

"Mhm, sure you do."

"When did she tell you?" He asked.

"In the bathroom at the restaurant." He sighed and shook his head.

"Mike, I think it's great you're being there for Ade. You couldn't have been there for Sapphire, but at least you can be there for her on this one." I smiled.

"Yeah, I guess. You know, I told my boss the situation and he understood and gave me the time off."

Jason got tackled right in the end zone, but it was so close to going in, but too far away. "Shake it off, baby! Shake it off!" Sally yelled.

"Come on babe!" I yelled, clapping my hands.

"He can't hear you, you know that, right?" Harrison asked.

"Harrison, stop it. Leave her alone for one minute." Adelaide snapped, hitting his shoulder.

"Ade, you need to calm down."

"It's the hormones." Harrison whispered.

"And what's your excuse?" I asked.

"Lack of getting laid." He replied. Adelaide slapped his shoulder hard before standing up.

"It was a nickname, baby." Harrison said.

"Lack of getting laid, you jerk." She said, before stomping down the bleachers.

"I'll go get her." Bria huffed, standing up.

The buzzer sounded, and our team jumped up. "We won!" I yelled.

"We won!" Sally repeated. "Way to go, baby! That's my boy!" Sally yelled, cheering on for Jason.

"Daddy won, baby." I whispered, kissing Tommy's small head. He sucked on his pacifier, and looked around.


"You did it!" I yelled, jumping into Jason's arms. He held me tightly, his sweaty hair hitting my bare shoulder, as he hugged me. He let go and took Tommy in his arms, before holding him up.

"So, what's the plan?" He asked, looking at his family.

"Well, we booked ourselves a hotel for the weekend. And seeing it's Friday night, we'll stay until Sunday night. So, you guys go do whatever you want." Sally smiled.

"Movie night?" I asked.

"Sounds perfect to me." Jason replied, taking my hand in his. He moved my ring around my finger a couple times before smiling down at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing, I'm just glad you're here with me."

"I am too." I replied, leaning into the side that had no baby on it.


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