A Different Kind of Reputation

With thirty minutes and school work separating Talia and Jason apart from each other, they have to figure out ways to be the best they can be for their baby. From being the school bad boy back in high school, to being the football star daddy in college, Jason has to figure out ways to fit back in with the crowd and keep his reputation as a father. From being the school nerd to the scholar mommy, Natalia has to figure out ways to let loose and have fun while keeping her reputation as a mother. Find out what goes on in this crazy life of Jason and Natalia in the second book, A Different Kind of Reputation.


6. Chapter Six

Natalia's POV

I sat on the couch with my legs crossed, television on, and my laptop on my lap. Tommy laid next to me with his arms sprawled out on the couch, and a pillow propping his small head up. It's been officially one week since made my decision to move back home, and everyone was on board with it. Even Uncle Cile. 

Jackson's been in the hospital for a week, and will soon get released once his head heals a little more. I was in the room when the doctor took the gauze off his head, and a huge gash was on his head, going from one side of his head to the other. Jackson didn't care that he had a gash, he was worried about how the gash would affect his hair. Of course. 

He's had some rough days. There are days where he's perfectly fine, then there are days where he's extremely depressed and angry. Going to the Army is what he always wanted to do, but now, he can't go back in. And no one wants him to anymore. He's angry that he can't go back in, and depressed because he will now be in a wheelchair for a little while, at least six weeks until his arm and leg heal. And he has to keep the gauze on his head until the stitches come out. He's happy his ear is better, though. Sort of better. 

Uncle Cile's been coming around almost every day to check on me. Now that I'm at Jason's house with no Jason and just a baby, it gets lonely. Addison is living on campus in an apartment. Bria is going to night classes at some school in Hoboken. Adelaide is doing her regular trips to the doctor and working. Harrison... he's home with Sapphire on days he doesn't have any clients. 

Being home with Tommy has been great. I get time for school and time for my baby. I learned the hard way that he doesn't like mashed potatoes or carrots or yogurt, and peas. Loves peaches, though, glad he gets his vegetables in these days. But when he has peaches, it's one disgusting diaper to clean, and many clothing changes to go through. Jason says that's how he knows it's his kid. Boys. 

Amber's been home for about a week herself, now with Jackson in the hospital, going back to Ohio isn't the best for her, or him right now. Surprisingly, they need each other, more than I need Jason. It's like they can't live without each other, and it really sickens me. Amber claims she wants to go back to school and that she will be going back after Thanksgiving, but we all know she won't be going back at least until January, or until Jackson gets out of his wheelchair. She's been coming over almost every day to help me set up the house for Jackson, and help me with Tommy. And now that Jackson will be living here, she'll be here every single day. Every. Single. Day. 

Macey has been staying with me for the past week, which means getting up at seven every morning, Monday through Friday to get her on the bus for school, and standing at the corner on the other side of the street to get her from the bus. Every single day. 

"Look who picked his niece up from school?" A voice said from behind me. 

"Jesus, Uncle Cile, you can't do that to me. Scared me." 

"Hi, Natty." Macey's frail voice spoke. Her pale face came into view, making me stand up from the couch. 

"What's wrong?" I asked, taking her face into my hands. 

"Little Miss got sick at school and since you didn't answer your phone, I had to get her. From work. My first job, and I have to leave early." 

"I'm sorry, Uncle Cile. I was with Jackson practically all day. I guess I didn't hear my phone go off. Mace, why don't you go change into your pajamas, and I'll make some soup, okay?" She nodded and made her way to the stairs. 

"How's life being at home?" Uncle Cile asked, grabbing a water bottle from the refrigerator.

"Pretty good. I get to spend time with the baby, so it's going well. College is easier, I will admit." 

"Must be hard without Jason being here, huh?"

"Yeah, but I'm surviving. Do you want soup too? Mom made it for me to give to Jackson, but he didn't want it. Claims he doesn't want charity food. He's a real pain my ass, you know that? Don't know why I said he could come stay here. Just means he'll take the guest room down here." 

"How is he, by the way?" 

"He's holding up. He's coming home tomorrow, so he can't wait. He said he knows he isn't much help right now, but he's willing to help with the baby and stuff. I told him he didn't need to, but he insists. He even said he'll give me money for grocery shopping or for things for the baby, just to help out." 

"That's good, at least he isn't taking advantage of you doing this." 

"Oh, of course not, no. Jackson isn't like that." 

"Good. I gotta get back to work, and I gotta go shopping for dinner. Serena is making me cook dinner for her and Leah tonight. Wish me luck." He kissed my hair, before grabbing his keys off the side table. 

"Good luck." I smiled as Macey made her way to the kitchen She sat on the stool at the island, before resting her head in her arms. "Here, eat this, then go lay down. You can take the couch. But let me move the baby before you lay down, okay?" She nodded and picked the spoon up. 

"I just have a couple more minutes of school. Can you survive in here for a little?" Macey nodded her head slowly. I walked to the living room, and in a matter of ten seconds, I was summoned back into the kitchen.

"Oh, Mace. Go sit in the bathroom, alright? Let me clean this up, and I'll get you in the bath." I sighed, grabbing a rag from the bottom drawer. 

"It's all over me." She cried. 

"I know, just go sit in the bathroom, okay? Give me a couple minutes, and I'll be right here. Don't worry about your clothes, I'll get you new ones." I pinched my nose and breathed through my mouth as the smell of vomit evaded my senses without my consent. 

It took ten minutes to clean up the gross liquid from the table, chair and floor. The vomit got in every crack, even in the bowl of soup. It got on my pants, and hands. Obviously, the sight of vomit doesn't have an affect on me. 

"Let's get you cleaned up," I whispered, picking up Macey's vomit covered shirt. I put the water on in the bath, put some bubbles in there and then put Macey in. 

"I'm sorry." She whispered. 

"Don't be sorry, it's okay." She nodded and put her head to the side. "Hey, come on. I need to wash you off. This'll make you feel a lot better too." She picked her head up and held it up the best she could. Macey chose to stay with me, not because of my mom anymore, but because she just wanted to.

My mom recently has been the best mother ever. She's a stay at home mom now, so she has more time for her kids, and to reestablish her relationship with not only me but Zac as well. He found out that Zack isn't his, and he wasn't happy about it. At all. He threatened for a divorce and everything. But he took it all back after looking at what he has now. Two girls and one boy. Even if Zack isn't his, he's raising him as his own. 

With Thanksgiving coming up, and me being the only person actually home, everyone decided that I cook. Everyone as in, Jason's family, aunts, uncle's, cousins, my family, aunts, uncles, Amber, Jackson and his family and Nick. Lots of people to be added to the table which means one thing. Hampton house for Thanksgiving. 

The Hampton house has a table that seats way more than our table, my mom's table and Sally's table combined, and it has two dining rooms, so if we need to split up, we could, I mean, the dining rooms are right next to each other, so we wouldn't be missing much. Plus, all the boys watch football in the living room, which means they'll pull up a chair in the living room, while the women and girls eat at the counter. I already told Jason and Jackson, you're living in my house, you come home to me, you are not to eat in front of the television,' they were fine with it, and if they weren't, oh well. 

I moved Tommy into his room, once Macey laid on the couch. "Mace, Jackson is coming to live with us, is that okay with you?" I asked. She nodded and closed her eyes. "I know, you want to sleep." She nodded. I shut my mouth, lowered the television down, crossed my legs and regained my spot with online classes. 

I took my glasses off and put them on the side table before stretching my legs out. Everyone else is sleeping, why can't I? Tommy is asleep for at least another hour, Macey is asleep for God knows how long, and I haven't slept in days. Sometimes the mother needs a little rest for herself as well. 

I opened my eyes quickly, as I remembered the guest bedroom. I didn't clean it yet, and Jackson is coming tomorrow. Tomorrow. I sat up quickly, wiped my eyes and ran down the hallway.

Passing Tommy's bedroom, I saw he was standing up in his crib, with his hands around the little bars that surrounded the mattress. "What are you doing up?" I smiled, walking into his room. He smiled before moving his arms around. I picked him up and sighed as he put his head on my shoulder. 

"My baby couldn't sleep, could he?" I smiled, before walking diagonally from his room to the guest bedroom. "See this room, your uncle Jack is gonna be living in it for a long time. He's so excited to see you every day." I set him on the floor, before putting my hand on my head. 

The bed was unmade, toys all over the floor, clothes sprawled out on the floor, books all over the place, balloons touching the ceiling. People decided to move all of Jackson's things into the house last week, meaning his clothes, books, shoes, trophies, and his 'Get Well Soon' presents and cards. And by people, I mean Amber. 

I shook my head, put my hands in the air and bent down to get Tommy. "Let's get you some food in your belly. Uncle Jack's room can wait, and then maybe, you can let mommy sleep for a little." I said, walking out of the guest bedroom. Tommy giggled, as I walked to the kitchen. "You think it's so funny that you won't let me sleep, don't you? You're so annoying. But so, so, so cute. Let me tell you, baby, Uncle Jack is going to spoil you so much when he's here, you're gonna love it."

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