A Different Kind of Reputation

With thirty minutes and school work separating Talia and Jason apart from each other, they have to figure out ways to be the best they can be for their baby. From being the school bad boy back in high school, to being the football star daddy in college, Jason has to figure out ways to fit back in with the crowd and keep his reputation as a father. From being the school nerd to the scholar mommy, Natalia has to figure out ways to let loose and have fun while keeping her reputation as a mother. Find out what goes on in this crazy life of Jason and Natalia in the second book, A Different Kind of Reputation.


1. Chapter One

Natalia's POV

"How's college?" The familiar voice asked as I rested my chin on my palm.

"It's good. A lot difficult than I imagined."

"And your roommate?"

"Literally, she has different guys over every night. Like, I'll be on Skype with Ade, and then she'll come home practically eating the poor guy's face off. I mean, I don't mind that she brings someone home, but like, it's to the point where I have to physically leave so she can do her business and get everything done. And the room smells like sweat and sex now." I replied.

"How about you? How're your roommates?" I asked, resting my head on my palm.

"Not that bad actually. We're in the football house, so we don't really see each other much, but they've actually gotten better." Jason replied.

"How's the little bundle of joy?" Jason asked, changing the subject. I smiled and played with my ring.

"He's good. Ade said he's blabbing his head off and only crawling."

"Have you heard from Jackson?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said taking a swig of water, "he said it's getting rough in the fields, but he thinks he's coming home for Thanksgiving."

"Good, and how about Nick?"

"Still working at the catering job." He replied.

"I miss you, Jase." I sighed.

"I know, baby. But we're going home for thanksgiving next weekend. Just think, you get to see me, Tom, your mom, Macey and all your family. Amber." Jason smiled.

"I can't wait to see my little baby." I smiled.

"I know, baby." He replied, turning his head around. Two bodies emerged from the doorway, as Jason moved away from the camera.

"Babe, I gotta go, my roommate is here with his girlfriend, so I'll call you later, yeah?" Jason asked.

"Oh, okay. I love you."

"I love you too, baby. Don't let your roommate drag you to any more parties. Remember, you need to be a role model." He smirked.

"Shut up. I love you."

Looking at my phone, I didn't notice the knocking sounds coming from the outside of my door. "One second." I huffed, getting out of my desk chair.

"Hey, cutie." Tyler smiled.

"I was so comfortable." I groaned, walking back to my bed. Tyler laughed and followed me into the dorm room.

"How's little miss sex today?" He asked.

"She hasn't come back yet. She's probably going to a party tonight and I'll have to leave the room so she could do her thing." I replied.

"Why don't you ever go to a party?" Tyler asked, hopping up on my bed.

"Because parties aren't me, and I have better things to do than go to a frat house and get drunk," I replied.

"Natalia, ever since I met you, you've never gone to a party. Can you just go to one? For once?" He asked.

"Ty, I have things to do tonight. People to see. Packing to do for this weekend. Which you can't come to." I replied.

"Why can't I come? Come on, you never bring me." He whined.

"We talked about this, Tyler. My boyfriend isn't the best person when it comes to me talking to other guys."

"Even your dad?"

"Even my step dad, yeah."

"Does your boyfriend even know I exist?" He asked.

"Yes. Eventually." He nodded and hopped off my bed.

"Now, I'm starving and I need to take my medication, so, let's go get some food," I said, sliding on my boots.

These past few months have been rough, between Jason and I. Long distance is hard and it's even worse that we have Tommy two hours away from us.

Jason is starting on the football team at Columbia, and every week, when there's a game, I always take the bus to the school and watch him play. This week, since we have a three-day weekend, I'm going to stay with Jason in the football house.

Tyler has been asking me to take him to a game because he's really into football, but Jason has only gotten worse with his jealousy. If he sees that I'm hanging around with Tyler, he'll get defensive then he'll get jealous and then he'll start saying how he should be closer to me, and how we have a lack of communication.

Tyler and I met at freshman orientation at the beginning of the semester. He was probably one of the nicest kids in the group, and we're both majoring in the same thing, which is awesome.

No one really knows about Tommy here at College, mostly because they simply don't care. My roommate doesn't even know, and neither does Tyler. I tend to keep that a secret, mostly because I don't want people to see me as a mother, and not as a college student. Just like in high school.

"I'm so hungry." I groaned, biting into my hamburger.

"You took three hamburgers, I could guess so. You gonna share that?" Tyler replied.

"Hell no. Get your own, man." I replied, biting a French fry.

"Hello, my lovely." Addison smiled, sitting next to me.


"Hungry much?" He asked.

"You have no idea. I haven't eaten in literally days."

"Are you going to Jase's game?" I asked.

"We're all going, T." He replied.

"Who's all?"

"Everyone. Mom, Dad, Ade, Harrison, the babies, Bria, Edward." He replied. "Really?" I asked. He nodded.

"Jason's gonna be so happy." I smiled.

Can you believe Bria and Edward are still dating?" Addison asked.

"I honestly can't. The longest relationship she had was.... probably before I was in the picture." I replied.

"It was when Jason was still with Carly, a-" I crumbled my napkin in my hand, before opening my hand up.

"Oh right, touchy subject," Addison said.

"A little."

"I'm so confused. Who's Carly? Who's Bria? And who's Edward?" Tyler asked.

"So, Bria is Addison's sister. Addison is my boyfriend's cousin. And Edward is Bria's boyfriend of a whole six months." I informed.

"Okay, and who's this Carly girl?" He asked.

"Carly was Jason's ex-girlfriend and mine. She's insane. When Jason was sixteen, she told him she was pregnant with his kid, which it wasn't. And when she was with me, she told me she was pregnant with my kid, but turns out, she never was pregnant." Addison responded.

"And a couple weeks ago, probably a few weeks into the first few months of being here, I saw her while I was walking in the park with my brother. And she came up to me and she was basically talking smack to me about my boyfriend and our life and stuff. And then a few days ago, maybe last week, she called me up and told me off, and again, talked smack about my family. So, yeah, we're not on very good terms." I added.

"Did Jason ever get a DNA test?" Tyler asked.

"All the time. Once when the baby was born, and once when he was four. The kid looks exactly like him, it's scary. But the DNA test came back negative for any of Jason's DNA in the kid." I replied, cringing at the thought of Tommy having a big brother to Carly.

"Who's heard from Jackson?" Addison asked, changing the subject quickly.

"Jase said he's heard from him. He emailed me the other day asking for a favor. Of course, I had to ask Ade. But apparently, he's coming home for thanksgiving. No one really knows now."

"How long ago was that?" Addison asked.

"Um, two weeks ago? Jay never gave me a real time frame." I replied, checking my phone.

"Things could've changed," Tyler said.

"I know, that's why I'm not getting my hopes up. I wonder what he looks like now." I said. 

"Did he say he was coming back?" Addison asked.

"He said he has something to look forward to, the day he left," I replied. He nodded and sipped his coffee. 

"Well, I'm gonna go. I have classes in ten." Tyler said, sliding his chair out

"Alright, come to my room when you're done," I replied.

"Will do."

The cafeteria food isn't the best food, but if I don't eat anything, I will get yelled at and scorned by not only Addison but Jason too, thanks to Addison, who calls Jason about every little thing that goes on in my life. Except the whole Tyler thing. 

"Well, I'm gonna go call Jason," I said, picking my salad up.

"You didn't eat," Addison said. "Don't worry," I replied, throwing my half eaten hamburger out.

"No lunch, huh?" Jason asked as I answered my phone.

"Damn, he's fast. Don't you have other things to do besides stare at the phone and wait for something to go wrong?" I asked.

"If it comes to you, no."

"So, what's going on?" He asked.

"Walking back to my dorm. You know, it's really cold out. And I'm without a jacket."

"Well, where's your jacket?" He asked, closing his eyes slightly.

"My dorm. My roommate needed it, of course." I replied.

"Are you tired?" I asked.

" Nope." I rolled my eyes, before opening my door.

"Oh, I have a question," I said. He nodded. "Can I bring someone to the game this weekend? My friend really wants to come and meet you, since I always talk about you, and he really wants to see a football game, because he never did before." I said. 

"I'm sorry, he?" Jason asked.

"Here we go." I sighed, sitting on my bed.

"Here we go? What happened the last time we went through this? I believe it was with Dan, right? He drove you home from that party back in high school, and he ended up making a move on you." He said. I huffed. 

"Stop huffing, T. You know this. You know how I am when you hang around with guys." He said.

"And how do you think I feel when you hang around with girls?  I believe you were hitting on Abigail, right? And that was when she called me and told me you were." I replied. 

"I'm not doing this."

"And I want to?" I asked.

"You're the one hanging around with guys."

"Jason, come on. Today was such a good day, don't ruin it, please. Don't make me feel bad right now, please. I'm tired and I'm hungry, just.... please. My pills are kicking in, please." I sighed. He nodded. 

"I'm gonna get to bed. Tyler said he had a night class, but I can't stay up. We usually play some kind of game, but I can't tonight." I informed.

"Alright. I'll call you tomorrow, okay? I'm sorry for what I said earlier too." He said. I nodded. "I love you." He said. "You too," I replied, before pressing the end call and laying down in my bed. 

I stared at my home screen, seeing the picture of Jason, Tommy and I laying on the floor in the middle of the house, both looking at Tommy as he smiled widely. I smiled and put my phone down on my bed, before turning my lamp off, leaving my roommate in the dark again. 

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