A Different Kind of Reputation

With thirty minutes and school work separating Talia and Jason apart from each other, they have to figure out ways to be the best they can be for their baby. From being the school bad boy back in high school, to being the football star daddy in college, Jason has to figure out ways to fit back in with the crowd and keep his reputation as a father. From being the school nerd to the scholar mommy, Natalia has to figure out ways to let loose and have fun while keeping her reputation as a mother. Find out what goes on in this crazy life of Jason and Natalia in the second book, A Different Kind of Reputation.


49. Chapter Forty Nine

Jason's POV

"Good morning, Mr. Summers, I presume?" The realtor asked, shaking my hand. I nodded and stepped out of the way for Aunt Sally to introduce herself.

"Hi, I'm Sally Clark, we spoke on the phone for today's meeting. Thank you for taking time out of your day to meet with us. My nephew's girlfriend is on her way since we live in New York and she still has school, it takes a little to get here." Aunt Sally explained. 

"No problem at all. I guess I can explain the history of this house to you so you can get a feel for it?" The realtor asked, bringing his hands together. 

"Yes, please." I put my hands in front of me and sighed. I don't know what to do with this, all I know is we're buying a house away from home. Talia did all the work with this, I just hovered over the computer to see what she was doing while Matt bounced a ball at my back. Typical Saturday nights now that school ended for me. Talia, however, still has another two weeks to go until she comes home. But now with the extra room in our house, Matt's been staying with us to fill Macey's old room, which she will eventually get back in the new house. 

I blocked out every single word our realtor said about the house, because, well, I don't particularly care about the history. Talia would, but me? Nope. Matt and Tyler are the only two people who know about us moving, and of course our families, but other than that, there's no one else. We agreed not to tell people until it got closer to the official move, mostly because of Amber, who is now finished with school and is going to take online classes. But the only reason Matt and Tyler know is because they were in the room with us when we were talking about it and looking it up.

We haven't come up with a plan to tell everyone yet, which is harder than it seems because we have to choose the right time, place, words and subject to start on. I told Talia to just come out with it over the phone but she smacked me in the head and yelled at me. Then Tom started on me after she hit me because then, he started to hit me. Which, it was kind of cute because his little hands just don't hurt me, that was until he decided to grab his toy and throw it at me. See, I would get screamed at by Talia if I dared to do anything like that, but when he does it, it's cute. 

"Sorry, I'm late! There was so much traffic coming here and I had to pick Tommy up from the nanny. Apparently, he threw a tantrum and she couldn't handle it," Talia said, walking up the rocky driveway. 

"No problem, how was school?" I asked, putting my arm around her waist. 

"Another story. Hi, I'm Talia and this is our baby, Tommy." Talia smiled, shaking the realtor's hand.

He nodded and smiled, "now that we have everyone here, shall we go inside?" We all nodded and I swear I heard a 'finally' come from Aunt Sally. One thing about Aunt Sally.... she has little to no patience for other people besides family. If you're an outsider and taking up her time, she will literally tell you to hurry up or leave, which if this guy took any longer to explain the history of this house, she would've thrown a rock from the driveway at him. Talia put Tom on the ground and grabbed his hand with hers and held it tightly before walking to the front stairs. I took his other hand and walked at a slow pace. 

"Is this guy nice?" Talia whispered. 

"Um, kind of blocked him out when he was talking. But I think I heard something about a boyfriend?" 

"And there is nothing wrong with that. Tommy could grow up that way. And if he does, we will be supportive and loving." 

"We will be, but my boy will like girls," 

"Didn't your mom think you were gay?" 

I looked over to her, "when I was seven." She raised a brow. "I was experimenting with her makeup, I was curious. She laughed at me for it. But I was seven., Addison used to wear Aunt Sally's heels around the house." 

"I used to wear Uncle Cile's clothes." She informed. 

"That's not the best thing to say, considering your whole past with him and everything." She rolled her eyes and walked into the house. We were first greeted with a huge living room with hardwood floors. Stairs. Lots and lots of stairs. And balconies. A balcony inside? I looked down to Tom, who looked up to me. I know, baby, we're not in Brooklyn anymore. 

"Brand new hardwood floors and the carpet treads on the stairs were just recently replaced. The house comes furnished, but whatever furniture you want to bring, you are more than welcome to," Aunt Sally nodded and followed our realtor into the kitchen, which was huge, by the way. Brown-red cabinets, silver, two-door fridge, granite countertops, dishwasher, thankfully. 

"Babe, this is too big for us," I whispered. 

"No, it's not, " Talia replied. 

"T, we don't even cook. This whole house is... way too big. Just for the four of us, come on, babe." 

She sighed, "it is big,"

"And expensive. And away from everything. Come on, we can find another house for a cheaper house with four bedrooms and enough space. We can have Macey and Tom share a room for a little. She's seven, she won't care as long as she's with us."


"This is one of the nicest house in this town, now, this is a small town and there has been some crime rates in the town of East Stroudsburg, but this is a little further from the town, about ten minutes away. It's about twenty minutes away from East Stroudsburg University, which has incredible programs on creative writing, business, computer technology, criminal justice and more. One of my closest friends just started there, he's almost done with his freshman year in criminal justice. This house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and a large open area for parties. The hardwood floors were just recently replaced as well as the carpet. This house has a lot of open space, which is good for you two because of your son and because you're young and have many friends to entertain."

"You said East Stroudsburg University is close?" Aunt Sally asked.

"Closest school, yes. The elementary school and middle school are in the same area as well, all close in range. There's a bus pick up and drop off at the elementary school right at the corner of this street. The other house we looked at, the closest schools were Penn State and the Arrowhead Lake middle and elementary schools."

"Well, we're going to Penn State," I informed.

"Actually... complications with that. Penn state needs both of your test scores, which, I don't have and I won't get them. I'll do some research on this school and see what happens."

"ESU is actually great with new students. They're building a new building, Sycamore, and are accepting many students with transfer papers. Since the school year is over, they're more than happy to have new students."

"This is a nice house, big yard for Tommy," Talia said, holding Tom's hand. I nodded and watched as she walked to the front door. Daniel, our realtor opened the door and I swear I heard Talia gasp.

"Holy shit," I gaped. Normal size house my ass.

"This is the main room, this room has custom made furniture which is made for the previous owners of the house. Brand new hardwood floors as well as a hand-made rug. This is one of the largest rooms in this house but it has the most space available. Now, the furniture in this room will not be here if you buy this house."

"And how much does a house like this go for?" Aunt Sally asked. 

"In other places, a home with four bedrooms and three and a half baths would cost somewhere near almost five hundred thirty but this one, since it's more or less in a rundown town in the Poconos, it's four hundred seventy and the price is to be negotiated." He explained. 

"You two have to decide on this one. Whichever house you choose, it's up to you, but I'm paying for it." Aunt Sally informed. I took a step back and let Talia think it out. This is what she's good at, not me. I can barely make decisions for myself, let alone decide on which house to buy. I know this house is the perfect house, however. Enough space for everyone to come in the summer. Enough space for Macey and Tom to run around in. It's not too small, however, it's pretty big, but we need a big house for entertainment. We saw five houses, one ranch, one apartment, a townhouse, the house previously with the balconies and now this one. This house isn't cluttered, which is a major thing for us, especially with my equipment for football and Talia's things for school. 

"Jase, what do you think? I need your input," Talia said, pulling me aside. 

"I like it, babe. I think it's perfect for us. Lots of room, not cluttered, space for Tom to run around in. Perfect for Mace. I like it." She nodded. "And, if you like it, I like it." She smiled and walked back to the group. 

"We like this one," Talia smiled. 


East Stroudsburg University is an actual school in the Poconos and it is an amazing school to go to. All the information about the school in this chapter is 100% true including the little town and the transfer students. I happen to know a lot about that school, so that's a reason why I chose to include it and I also know a lot about the town of East Stroudsburg, which it's a small little town but it has a lot of shops in it, lots of restaurants. 

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