A Different Kind of Reputation

With thirty minutes and school work separating Talia and Jason apart from each other, they have to figure out ways to be the best they can be for their baby. From being the school bad boy back in high school, to being the football star daddy in college, Jason has to figure out ways to fit back in with the crowd and keep his reputation as a father. From being the school nerd to the scholar mommy, Natalia has to figure out ways to let loose and have fun while keeping her reputation as a mother. Find out what goes on in this crazy life of Jason and Natalia in the second book, A Different Kind of Reputation.


53. chapter Fifty Three

Hello, lovelies! Updating has been getting hard for me to do, for one reason and one reason only: My dumbass dropped my phone in my toilet, completely damaging my phone. However, I can still use it but I can not text on my phone, meaning writing isn't as simple as it was before. Because I can't text on my phone, I can't write on my phone, so that means I have to use my laptop and that's a struggle to do because, during the summer, I don't have this computer so I'm hoping to get my phone fixed and brand new for the summer so I can keep all of you updated. So, blame me for not updating regularly:))) 

This chapter was supposed to be written for Mother's Day, but since I couldn't write on my phone, I have to write it now, today. So, this is for all the mother's in the world who celebrated mother's day. Also, I know mother's day was yesterday, but all of you should love your mothers to the full extent. My mom is tough, but like she always tells me, children don't come with instructions. I respect my mom with everything I have in me, she has stood by my side through thick and thin and even though we don't agree on certain things, I know I can count on her being there for me. So, please, this whole week respect your mom's and tell them you love them as much as you possibly can. 

Jason's POV

The hardest day of the year is finally here, the day I've been dreading since my mom died. Mother's Day. This day was my mom's favorite day of the year, she always looked forward to it, just like I did every year. Every Mother's day, I would wake up at six in the morning and I would make my mom pancakes and bacon and bring her breakfast in bed. I would go out to Dunkin Donuts and be the first one there and get her coffee, come back home and set the coffee on her bedside table and just lay in bed with her until she'd wake up and once she did, the smile on her face never went away. 

Even though I never told my mom I loved her until she died, I never lost respect for her. She put up with so much from me and she went through so much not only with me, but so much in her life. She went through the pain of losing a child, she had to suffer through being a single mother, she put up with my shit and so much more and yet, she kept a smile on her face. She was never afraid to do anything. Not even afraid to die. I think she was more afraid to leave me behind than anything. 

But now, it's time for me to be the boyfriend she never had. It's time to surprise Talia the way I always did with my mom. It's not only what Talia would want, but what my mom would make me do. So, that leaves me where I am currently, sitting in the car waiting for Dunkin Donuts to open so I can be the first customer in there, like old times. Tom played with his fingers in the back seat and each time I looked in the mirror to him, he would smile widely and wave. 

I took Tom's hand in my own once the old manager opened the doors to Dunkin Donuts and walked across the parking lot. Six thirty in the morning every single year for years and this man still works at this place. 

"I thought that was your truck. Welcome back," I smiled at Jimmie as he put his hat on. I picked Tom up sighed as he put his head on my shoulder. 

"Back in the program, I guess, but a different order this time. Iced Caramel Latte with milk and sugar."

"You got it. Hey, how's the family doing? You haven't been in here for a couple years so I never got to give my sympathy for your mother. The way you talked about her when you were a boy, she seemed like a really great woman."

"She was, she was amazing. But everyone is doing good. Everyone is healthy and moving on. We're all, well, grown up. I got myself a girl and a kid. Nick got himself a girl and so did Jackson."

"Good kids you two were. Always stopping in my store on the way home from school and the park when you were kids."

I nodded and leaned my one empty arm on the counter as he made the coffee. "How's school, kid?" 

"It's good, I finished about a month ago. My girl just ended Friday. But I did good, better than I thought I would. How's the wife and kids?"

"Everyone is good. I got my first grandbaby, Nikki is her name. Sabrina had her about two months ago. Ana is off at school in Rhode Island, got herself a nice boy that keeps her out of trouble." He replied, handing me the coffee. He just stood at the register, not punching in anything. 

"How much, Jimmie?"

"Nothing, this one is on me,"

"No, I can't take it, tell me how much and I'll give you the money."

"Kid, when someone gives you a free drink, you take it. The coffee is on me."

"Thank you so much. Tell Mary I said happy mother's day and Sabrina. Congratulations on the baby,"

"You too, kid. You too. See you next year?"

"I, um, don't think so Jimmie. Last mother's day here in Brooklyn. No more mom, no more staying here. My girl and I are packing up and moving."

"Well, good luck to you, kid. Come visit me sometime, yeah? I'm gettin' old, I need some smiles."

"Sure thing. Have a great day." 

"You too, kid."


Natalia's POV

I rolled over in bed and groaned as hands wrapped around my hair. Sunday morning, the day after a long night with Amber, Jackson, and Nick and I am hungover as I have ever been Since Amber can't drink, I had to keep up with the guys and it wasn't easy. First of all, Jackson is a soldier, if he doesn't drink, he's like not even accepted by any of the other men and Nick, well, he's just a student at Community college that could always drink anyone out. And keeping up with them was extremely hard. Especially because it was beer and not Vodka. I don't drink beer, never have and never would, but give me a bottle of vodka, I would be drinking it the whole night. 

I opened my crusty eyes and looked past the big brown eyes staring into mine and looked at the white roses on the bedside table across from me. In the middle of the roses was a sign that said Happy Mother's Day in white and silver bold letters. I smiled and pulled the blankets closer to my chest as the cold air hit my skin. 

"Happy Mother's Day," Jason smiled, bringing in a tray filled with food. 

I gasped, "you made me breakfast?"

"Your favorite... well, what your dad would make you in the morning on your birthdays. I may or may not have called your grandma from your dad's side and asked her how to teach me how to make a Flaesk... uh... this thing." 

"Flaeskeaeggekage," I smiled, taking the tray from him. He nodded and put the Iced Coffee on the side table next to me. "My Nana would teach me how to make this every time I went to her house. She would teach me how to say it, too." 

"Well, now you'll have to teach me how to make it... and say it. But I must admit, it looked really good when I was making it." He replied, sitting next to me. 

"Do you want some? It's a lot for me to eat," I offered. He shook his head and smiled as I ate my breakfast dish. Moments like this where Jason embraces my heritage even though he's nothing like me. He eats the food I ate when I was a child growing up and he loves it. Like now, he made my old favorite breakfast and when we went on our date in the beginning of the year, he made my favorite dishes my dad used to make. 

"So, the plan for today is to get dressed and go to the boardwalk, maybe Coney Island and have a fun day there and then come back here and have dinner at Adelaide's and then come back home, put Tom to bed and then... we have the night to ourselves after eight."

"Are you sure this time? Because last time you said we had the night to ourselves and when I got out of the shower, in only my towel, Matt was sitting at the desk in the bedroom."

"Positive this time. No guests. I made sure of it," I nodded and continued to eat my breakfast.


"Oh. My. God! I used to go on this ride with Amber all the time when we were kids!" I exclaimed, staring up at the roller coaster in front of me. The Coney Island Cyclone. I threw up so many times after going on that ride, it's not even funny. Then Amber would throw up because she would help me in the bathroom. And then I would throw up again because I would smell and see the throw-up, and it was just a domino effect with the two of us. 

"Babe, there's lockers over here, do we need one?" Jason asked, looking behind his shoulder to me. I nodded and smiled as he paid for the locker. "Are we bringing the stroller everywhere we go?"

"No, leave it here, I guess. I mean, should we bring it? What if he gets tired? No, take it, yeah, take it." Looking around, mothers and their families crowded around the park with a bunch of things in their hands. Food, ice cream, prizes, babies. Others carried backpacks and drawstring bags. Coney Island was never a go-to place for my mom for Mother's Day, we always celebrated at home or at dinner and she would get flowers that my dad would buy every year for her and she would get gifts and cards. Now, well, I guess she's getting a house in Florida. Happy Mother's Day mom.

"Where to first? Some games? Or just shoot for the rides?" Jason asked, wrapping his arm around my waist as I pushed the stroller. 

"Maybe some rides first, you know? Then we can have some fun with the games." He nodded and walked us over to the large Ferris wheel first. "We should've brought someone to come with us. Like... Nick or Matt or someone that way they can watch Tommy while we go on rides," 

"It's all good, today is supposed to be a family thing. We're gonna spend some time here and then go back home and eat with some family. Family that loves you. Probably more than I do," I smiled and took Tommy out of the stroller. He grabbed onto my shirt tightly as we stepped into the cart and looked around slowly. His arms reached out for Jason, who gladly took him. 

"See the view?" Jason asked. I looked out and gasped as the ride came to a stop with us at the top. "Reasons to come here in the broad daylight... you get to see the beautiful view of Jersey and water."

"I love you. Thank you for doing this for me," I smiled. 

"I'm sappy, I know. You can say it now."

"You're finally gonna accept it?"

"Yeah, I've turned into a sap. That's all your doing, kid." Tommy looked up to his dad and rubbed his hands against the slight stubble growing on Jason's face.


"I'm so glad you guys could make it!" Sally smiled as we walked into the house. Jason put Tommy on the floor and he took off sprinting into the playroom, probably because he knew Sapphire would be in there. That's his thing now; running into the playroom whenever we come over Adelaide's house, instead of Spidey senses, it's baby senses. Quite interesting if you ask me. 

"Happy Mother's Day," I whispered, hugging Sally, knowing Bria would be able to hear. I respect Sally with everything I have in me. She's a mother to me and Jason and takes care of us more than any mother should. She not only punishes us like we're her children, but she keeps up in line like we're hers. The amount of times she took Jason in because of his problems and the amount of times she stood up for me when no one in my family did is just heartwarming. I give her so much credit and so much respect, more than I give my own mother.

"Don't you worry about her. She's okay now. Therapy is really helping her and so is physical therapy. She remembers everyone now, including Tommy and Noah. She remembers Harrison and you, Edward as well. She's... happy. In fact, this morning, all she talked about was how excited she was to see you today because she remembered how she fixed your fashion sense."

"I'm flattered but..., offended," I laughed, walking away from Sally and to Adelaide who sat on the couch holding Noah. Noah was born about a month ago and was perfectly healthy. And big. Ten pounds, eleven ounces and twenty-one inches long. Bless her, seriously. I could barely handle a six-pound baby. 

"Oh, happy mother's day! I didn't even realize you guys were here," Adelaide smiled, standing up. I really don't know how she does it. She is a working mother of two, recent single mother, may I add, who just had a baby a month ago after finding out her husband of only two years cheated on her. I don't know how she puts up a smile or let alone function. Without Jason, I wouldn't be able to have a life. I barely had a life before I met him even before we started dating. 

"How was your morning?" I asked sitting next to her on the couch. Tommy came running out to the living room and put his hands on my knees and pulled himself up to sit on my lap. I smiled and ran my hand through his thin hair. 

"It was good. Mom was here at like seven in the morning to make some breakfast while I got the kids ready. We basically stayed inside all day. Addi and Sapphire went out in the backyard to play. It was a good family morning. How about you?"

΅Woke up with a hangover, but this little one was in my face in bed. Jason bought me roses and made me danish breakfast which we shared. We got ready and drove to Coney Island and spent the day there." She nodded and looked down to Noah. I'm not gonna lie, Ade has been distancing herself from the family after everything with Harrison happened. I don't know if it's because she can only put on a brave face for so long, or if it's because Harrison kept her in the loop and now she has nothing to keep her together. At first, I thought it was just me, but when I confronted Jason about it, he said he realized it too. 

"Can we get a picture together? You know how those sappy mothers post pictures of three generations? Well, I'm about to be that sappy mother. Come on, get together." Sally smiled. sitting in the middle of Adelaide and I. Addison huffed and took a bunch of pictures of us together on the couch. It's amazing to think that Sally is in her late thirties, practically forty years old, and still uses social media. 

Sally-MarieClark: Three generations of mothers in the family. @Adelaide_Clark @Talia.Grey21

 Jason pushed the door open aggressively and tried his best to move the stroller into the living room as nicely as he could without pushing it over. My hands unbuttoned his shirt, trying to master it without looking, but it wasn't going over well. 

"Mother's Day isn't so bad, is it?" Jason smirked, closing the front door with his foot. I smiled and nodded as I watched him unbutton his shirt. Come on, we're two teenagers who just want to live their life... but first, we gotta put the kid to sleep. "I got him, you go upstairs and do whatever girls do before things happen." 

I followed Jason up the stairs, but he went left and I went further down the hallway. I unzipped my dress, letting it fall to my feet and turned the bedroom light on, but gasped. 

"Jesus Christ!" I yelled, bringing my dress back up to my chest. Amber, Jackson, Tyler, Nick and Matt and Robert all sat on the bed with wide eyes and mouths open. 



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