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When Sonya wakes up in the Glade, she had no idea what she would become. Follow Sonya on her adventure through the Maze, and eventually toward Wicked. Rated yellow because of the Greivers...


2. The Tour

Harriet and a few other girls led me around the Glade. The large building in the West corner was apparently the Homestead, where the beds were located. The Blood House was where the butchers slaughtered and cut the animals, and the farm was where livestock was raised and plants were nurtured. 

A few other buildings were included in my tour. The small building on the North side was the bathrooms. The Slammer, on the West side, was the Glade jail. The kitchen was somewhere in the middle, and it always smelled good around there. Finally, there was the Map Room, which I was told never to go into. I saw some girls hustling in and out of various structures, but not the Map Room.

"Harriet, why is there no one going in or out of the Map Room?" Sonya finally asked.

"Like I said before, Newbie, Runners go out during the day. It is much too dangerous to go out at night. No runner has returned when they were trapped in there," She answered.

Sonya kept quiet for a minute, processing what she had just heard. Trapped? What did Harriet mean by that.

The leader seemed to read her thoughts exactly when she spoke. "The Maze moves at night. At sundown, the four doors will seal themselves shut. That's one of the reasons why being a Runner is so dangerous. If you don't return by sundown, you either fall off the cliff, or get ripped to pieces before midnight arrives,"

"What? How is that possible? And, what is the cliff? Why do Runners get ripped to pieces?!" Questions seemed to explode in my head with every passing second. 

"Woah, woah. Slow down, Newbie. We don't know why the Maze moves. And to answer your question, the Cliff is, well, a cliff located in the Maze. You can't see the bottom. If any of the Gladers need banishing, they either go down the Cliff or in the Maze for the night,"

"Why do they get ripped to pieces though? You didn't answer my question!" Why were answers so hard to get around here?

Harriet glanced up at the setting sun. Four girls ran through the four doors, supposedly facing North, East, South and West. As soon as they passed through, a deep rumbling filled the Glade. Sonya's hands immediately flew to her ears, trying to protect herself from the deafening sound. The others acted as if this was normal, which it probably was.

Harriet turned to Sonya and spoke as soon as the doors closed completely. "Let me show you why the doors close at night, Sonya,"

That was the first time Harriet used her name. The leader whipped around and strutted toward one of the walls, expecting Sonya to follow. The closer the pair got, the louder the odd sounds rose.

Click, click, click. Whirrrrrrrrrrr. Click, click, click.

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