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When Sonya wakes up in the Glade, she had no idea what she would become. Follow Sonya on her adventure through the Maze, and eventually toward Wicked. Rated yellow because of the Greivers...


3. Grievers and Sleep

Eventually Harriet and Sonya reach a window in the wall. The glass in front of them was very thick, hopefully strong enough to keep out whatever the source of that odd sound was. 

Harriet stepped aside to reveal a passage way with various corriders leading off from it. A blur was moving beyond the window. Her ears traced the sound to that thing. 

"H-Harriet? What is that?" 

Sonya studied the creature closer. It appeared to be made of metal and flesh, fused into one pulsing, disgusting animal. Lights attached to it's flesh shown beams on the ivy-covered walls and floor of the Maze. 

"That, Newbie, is a Griever," Harriet clarified. "That is what will rip you to pieces," 

Sonya stood aghast for a few more moments, shocked at what she saw. "Harriet, these aren't natural..."

"That's exactly what I was thinking when I first came here. And you're right. Grievers aren't natural,"

"Then what are they?"

"They were made by the Creators. Now, no more questions. You've got to go to bed,"

Sonya stole one more glance at the Griever, and then followed Harriet to the Homestead.

"You see, a Newbie arrives every month, and we sort them into their talents," Harriet was speaking as she walked, but Sonya wasn't really listening. Her mind was somewhere else. 


Sonya stared at the wooden ceiling as she lay in bed. Her head was throbbing again. Today had been a stressful day. Why couldn't she remember anything?! Her name... that was the only thing. Geez, she didn't even know what she looked like! Her hand reached up and pulled a strand of hair in her vision line. Dirty blond. Dirty blond hair. At least it could have been worse. She turned on her side, all the emotions finally welling up inside her. A tear crawled down her cheek as she held in her sobs. This went on for a little longer before a hand on her shoulder startled her.

"Hey, Newbie," It was Miyoko, a girl she met earlier. "It's okay. I cried on my first day too,"

Was it really that obvious? "Oh, hey, Miyoko," Sonya feebly answered.

"I was the Newbie before you. It's okay. Pretty much everybody cries on their first day. All that stress is, well, stressful,"

"Oh... okay,"

"Now, you should go to bed. It's going to be a long day tomorrow. Harriet wants to test out your talents,"

"Night, Miyoko," Sonya bid goodnight.

"Night," Miyoko turned away and slipped into her own bed. Soon her breathing evened, signaling that she fell asleep.

Sonya closed her eyes, trying not to think about anything. Eventually, a deep and troubled sleep overtook her. 

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