Harry Potter Characters Play Truth or Dare!

Hellooo! Thanks @AshlynElizabeth for inspiring me to write this! This is about me, Lael, writing letters to different Harry Potter characters! The readers must comment below what truths or dares the different characters get!


2. Chapter Two

Lael: Hellooo! Lael here, and I'm going to be filling out Ron's dare today! Thank you Ashlyn Elizabeth for that awesome dare! Okie, let's get to it!

Dear Ronald Weasley,

Your dare is to eat a live tarantula, with five more on your head. Enjoy!

Lael: Leathern just flew out into this misty morning. 


Lael: Well, that certainly took a while, didn't it? Leathern just came back, and I could swear I saw him grinning with his little beak. This must mean it's gonna be good!

#^&@*@%#&*@#&@(*!!!! Lael, you're gonna get it!!!! 

Lael: Ha ha! I can just imagine Ron's face! Let's give the poor guy a break... Ashlyn Elizabeth went a little hard on him! Okay, the next letter is to a Hogwarts professor, that happens to be my favorite. Can you guess who?  It's Minerva McGonagall!

Dear Minerva McGonagall,

Truth or dare? Answer here:________

Lael: This is going to be SOOO funny! Oh! I see Leathern returning! 

Dearest Lael Elizabeth,

Your handwriting is very distinguishable, so I knew it was you. As for the question, I've always loved some good fun and games. I'd like a truth, if you please.

Thank you,

Minerva McGonagall

deputy headmistress

 Lael: That was very formal, if I do say so myself. Okay! You know what to do! Comment below on a good truth for McGonagall! Additionally, on former request, we are going to send Ron another dare in the next chapter! Thank you Harrypotterhead2016! It's gonna be a good one! 

Leathern: Squawk!

Lael: Leathern seems to agree! Until next time, bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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