Harry Potter Characters Play Truth or Dare!

Hellooo! Thanks @AshlynElizabeth for inspiring me to write this! This is about me, Lael, writing letters to different Harry Potter characters! The readers must comment below what truths or dares the different characters get!


3. Chapter 3

Lael: Greetings!!! I'm super excited to to play out a truth and a dare, which are both brilliant! Let's do Ron's second dare first, then McGonagall's. 

Dear Ronald Weasley,

On popular request, you have another dare: you and Hermione will have ten minutes in heaven. Thanks, from the person who keeps sending you this stuff.

Lael: Leathern just returned. Now, we wait for the time to pass. 

------Exactly 10 minutes later-------

Lael: Ron's letter seemed to be written in a, well, "happy" tone. Here it is:

Well, Lael, that was, frankly, a bloody good dare. Let's just say Hermione and I enjoyed it. 

Lael: I can hardly stuffle my giggles! Thanks Harrypotterhead2016! That was awesome!!!! Okay, back to work. It's McGonagall's truth now! I can't wait! Oh, by the way, thanks Griffindor.Geek for McGonagall's truth. If I have time, I will throw in Ron's third dare. 

Dear Minerva McGonagall,

Did you ever have any feelings for Dumbledore?

Lael: Ohhhh! This is gonna be GOOD!!!

Dearest Lael Elizabeth,

Frankly, I've always found Albus quite charming. At the Yule Ball I was practically begging him to dance with me, but now, since he has died, I've started favoring someone else. Don't ask! I'll never tell... 


Minerva McGonagall

Lael: Wow! I wonder who McGonagall likes? Tell me your ideas in the comments, with #McGonagallsNewLove, so I can sort them out. I might even make a chapter for all the ideas I hope to get.  Anyway, the next letter is for the one and only Harry Potter! Woo hoo!

Dear Harry Potter,

Truth or dare? Answer here: ______
Lael: And.... sent! Leathern's coming back...

I've never heard of truth or dare... but James and Albus keep talking about it. I guess I'll join in the fun. I'll take a truth, please.

 Lael: Okay! You know what to do! Comment below on a GREAT truth for the Boy Who Lived! Until next time, see ya!


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