Harry Potter Characters Play Truth or Dare!

Hellooo! Thanks @AshlynElizabeth for inspiring me to write this! This is about me, Lael, writing letters to different Harry Potter characters! The readers must comment below what truths or dares the different characters get!


1. Chapter 1

Lael: Hellooo, readers! Welcome to Harry Potter Characters Play Truth or Dare! I am going to send letters to different characters asking them "Truth or dare? Answer here: ________". I have enchanted the parchment so as soon as they wright their answer, I will immediately receive it.  I will send another letter, and so on! I will need you, yes, the very people reading this right now, to comment what questions or dares to give the characters once they have chosen. The first one will be from my head, because I am impatient to start this thing up! :D

Dear Draco Malfoy,

Truth or dare? Answer here: ________

Lael: I have just received Draco's answer. It read "Uhh... who is this? Truth, I guess,". So, I have decided to ask him this- How do you feel about Voldemort? It's Lael, by the way.



I thought you knew, but Voldemort is dead. Duh. But, to answer your question, I think Voldemort is evil. I only became a Death Eater because my parents forced me to. I mean, in my 7th year, he hugged me! Weirdo...


Draco Malfoy

P.S. Next time don't ask such weird questions, Lael. 

Lael: That was certainly entertaining, Draco! Now, I must give my owl, Leathern, a break for he has been delivering our letters. Until next time, farewell and good wishes! Ha ha! Just kidding! I'm gonna mail one more now, to Ron. 

Dear Ronald Weasley,

Truth or dare? Answer here:________

Lael: Just received Ron's answer.

Oi! This is Lael, isn't it? Bloody hell, give me a dare!

Lael: Okay readers! I need YOU to comment on what to dare Ron! Make it good, okay?

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