She's A Hurricane

Abuse. School. Abuse. Dinner. Abuse. Cut. Abuse. Sleep. Wake up. Abuse. School. Abuse. Dinner. Abuse. Cut. Abuse. Sleep. Wake up. Saved... - - - Nova was you average fun loving girl.Except Behind Closed doors. Behind the doors it's another story. Makeup comes off and fists go flying. Nova doesn't care what happens to her as long as nobody messes with her little Brother, Josiah, Who is only 5. One day everything Changes when Michael notices things that nobody else did.Is she too much for him to handle? Find out in 'She's A Hurricane'!


6. Chapter 6|Stay

N O V A 

I woke up with a major headache.I opened my eyes, reveling a black room with green day, MCR, ACDC, Twenty-One pilots, and ect posters, all in frames.I looked at the sheets, Red silk in a king sized bed.Okay i know that this isn't my room.I took the covers off, reveling marks on my skin, Marker but it was kinda faded. 'Entry here', 'Ashxx', and 'Ashton's Cake' It wrote. Ashton? But he's such a nice guy, why would he do this.I moved my legs all around, looking at the marks.My thighs were bright red.The door opened then closed.I looked up to see One of the blondes from the group.I went as back as i could but the headboard stopped me.

"I'm not gonna hurt you..."He said, his thick Aussie accent.

"W-What happened?"I asked.

"Um...You don't remember?".

I shook my head.It made it hurt worse.I grabbed my head.He handed me some pills.

"They'll make the headache go away"He said.

I took one of the pills.He placed a t-shirt and undergarments on the bed.

"Get dressed"He said.

"I'm not wearing that to school"I chuckled.

"Did I fucking say you were going to school?, No So You're not, Get Dressed!"He demanded.

I jumped back.his eyebrows firmed and left the room.

* * *


I walked out the bathroom and put the towel and my dirty clothes on the bed.

"You hungry?"Someone asked.

I jumped and turned around.I put my hand on my chest.

"Gosh you scared me"I said.

He chuckled.

"No...Can i ask you a question?"I asked.

"Sure"He said, coming towards me.

I backed up with every step he took.He sat on the bed and i was against the wall.

"What's your name?"I asked.

"You don't remember?"He asked.

"No...I'm not really good with new names".

"Oh well, Michael, Michael Clifford, And don't forget it Love"He winked at me.

He took the clothes and left.I followed him downstairs.

"Why am i here?"I asked.

He stopped and turned around.

"Something happened that i would not like to discuss".

His phone dinged.He pulled it out of his pocket and unlocked it.His eyes widened.

"What?"I asked.

"N-Nothing..."He said.

I sighed.He put his phone back in his pocket and handed me a blow dryer, Flat iron,and a curler.

"Take your pick"He shrugged.

I walked upstairs and back to the room.

* * *

I finished up and got up.

"I'm an angel with a shotgun, Fighting til' the wars won, I don't care if heaven won't take me back I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe, Don't you know you're everything I have?"I heard someone sing.

I walked out and followed the voice.It came from downstairs.I walked down and saw Michael making something.

"And I, Wanna live, not just survive"He sang.

I smiled.

"You're really good at singing"I said, causing him to jump.

He smiled.

"Thanks...I guess"He said.

"No problem"I said.

"Food's ready".

"But i'm not hungry".

"You're eating".

He put bacon on a plate and handed it to me.I took it and took a bite out it.

"Um...Is this Gluten free?"I asked.

"Yeah, Mostly everything i eat is Gluten free, I'm trying a new diet".

Thank god! That could've ended really badly...

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