She's A Hurricane

Abuse. School. Abuse. Dinner. Abuse. Cut. Abuse. Sleep. Wake up. Abuse. School. Abuse. Dinner. Abuse. Cut. Abuse. Sleep. Wake up. Saved... - - - Nova was you average fun loving girl.Except Behind Closed doors. Behind the doors it's another story. Makeup comes off and fists go flying. Nova doesn't care what happens to her as long as nobody messes with her little Brother, Josiah, Who is only 5. One day everything Changes when Michael notices things that nobody else did.Is she too much for him to handle? Find out in 'She's A Hurricane'!


5. Chapter 5|The Party

* * *


"ready?"I asked Issac.

he turned around and looked me up and down.

"You're not wearing that...are you?"He asked.

I nodded.He sighed.We walked out and to the car.

M I C H A E L 

"Woah!"I yelled after taking like 7 shots.

I grabbed a can of beer.

"Woah man...I don't feel so good"Luke said, stumbling towards me.

"Don't worry, you've only had 2 shots"I said, laughing and slurring my words.

"Damn..."He said, looking at something.

I looked at what he was looking at and saw Nova.Wow she was beautiful... so much skin, so much curves, So much... Beauty.I looked at her finger and saw a sparkly ring with a cross on it.A purity ring.Dang...

* * *

I looked around.I spotted Issac and stumbled to him.

"Do you know where Nova is?"I asked.

"Um no...Oh wait...Where is she?"He asked.

He started freaking out.I stumbled upstairs and went into room.I saw a bunch of boys taking pictures of something.

"No! Stop!"I heard someone yell.

I ran in and went to the bed.I saw Nova was pinned down and Ashton was fingering her.

"Ashton! Stop!"i yelled and threw him off of her.

Everyone scattered.Ashton got back up.

"W-What are you going to do about it?"He asked, slurring his words.

"Ashton, You're drunk, Don't make me do this"I said.

"Or W-What, Huh? You gonna D-Dye my hair?".

I picked his up my his shirt.I heard someone breathing heavy.I looked over and saw that Nova was having a Panic attack.I threw Ashton on the ground and ran over to Nova.I held her in my arms and she freaked out.

"Shh Shh, You're okay"I whispered.

I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her.She cried, shook, and everything.Why would he do this?

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