She's A Hurricane

Abuse. School. Abuse. Dinner. Abuse. Cut. Abuse. Sleep. Wake up. Abuse. School. Abuse. Dinner. Abuse. Cut. Abuse. Sleep. Wake up. Saved... - - - Nova was you average fun loving girl.Except Behind Closed doors. Behind the doors it's another story. Makeup comes off and fists go flying. Nova doesn't care what happens to her as long as nobody messes with her little Brother, Josiah, Who is only 5. One day everything Changes when Michael notices things that nobody else did.Is she too much for him to handle? Find out in 'She's A Hurricane'!


1. Chapter 1

A/N:Okay So I have Decided to just put it in Michael's POV and Nova doesn't have a little brother.  Michael doesn't have a son but does have a girlfriend and He's The new student, Not Nova.Michael is also VERY protective of his mom. I'm Changing Noah's name to Sam Cox, I have a friend and he's really talented with a voice of an angel (Lol might make a book about that).

"Mom, I'm Gonna Be the new kid"I groaned.

"Sweetie, It's Fine, Now go to school"She smiled.

I smiled.She always new how to make me smile.I walked out the house and got into my car.I drove off and to my new school. I pulled up to a good parking spot and got out the car.I locked it was walked into the school.Everyone started staring, Some of the girls even pulled down their shirts.I shook it off and walked to the office.I walked to the lady at the front desk.

"Hi, I'm Michael Gordan Clifford, The new kid"I said.

"Oh, Here you are!"She smiled, handing me my schedule.

"Thanks"I smiled, Getting my schedule.

I walked out and Looked at my schedule.It had my Locker number and combination.I walked to it and tried unlocking but the combination didn't work.I reset it and did it again but didn't work.

"Dammit"I cursed.

"Do you need help?"Someone asked.

I turned around and saw a boy with Platinum blonde hair.

"Please?"I chuckled.

He smiled and walked to the lock.He banged his fist on the locker and it opened.

"The lock gets stuck"He said.

"Thanks"I chuckled.

"Oh, I'm Sam Cox"He said.

"Michael, Michael Clifford".

I put my stuff in my locker and closed it.I locked it and looked at my schedule.First, Science, Ms.Gardner.I walked away and searched for my classroom.

* * *

Finally! I walked into the classroom.Hmm, Early. There was only like maybe ten people in here.I walked up to the teacher and handed her my schedule.She pointed to a seat.I took my schedule and went in the back.I put my bag down and sat down.A girl rushed in and took a seat next to me.Sam walked in and sat in front of her.

"Hey, Did you finish Ms.Harris's Homework last night?"He asked her.

She looked up at him.

"Yeah, Why didn't you?"She asked, She had a bit of a British accent, Barley noticeable though.

"I had to practice for church, Why weren't you there, You're always there when i practice, You're like my #1 fan".

"I--Um--I couldn't leave the house"She mumbled.

"Oh, Him again?"

She nodded and looked over at me.I just looked down at the desk.

"Hey, Who's that?"She asked.

"That's Michael, Michael Clifford"He mocked me, laughing.

She giggled a bit.Her giggle, It was just perfect.

"He's New, He'll fit in with Emma and them, Not with us"He said.

* * * 

"Hey!"Someone said.

I turned around and saw a blonde haired girl, She was pretty.

"Um...Can i help you?"I asked.

"I'm Emma, You should sit with us at lunch"She smiled.

"I'm Michael, And sure, Why not?".

I grabbed my lunch and closed my locker.We walked outside and she dragged me to a tree.A bunch of people were there.I looked over and saw the girl and Sam sitting together.

"Guys This is the New kid, Michael"She said.

I looked at everyone.There were like only two people.

"This is Luke and Arzaylea"She said.

I waved and they smiled.They seem nice.

* * *

I opened the door and helped her in.

"Darling i can do it myself"She chuckled.

I smiled and let go.We walked in and took a seat.

"Hi, I'm Nova, I'll be your Waiter this Evening"Someone said.

I looked up and saw the shy girl in the classroom.I bit my lip and smiled.She handed us the menus.

"Can i start you off with any drinks?"She asked then looked up.

Her eyes widened.

"Yeah, I'll have a coke"I said.

She wrote it down.

"And for you ma'am?"She asked.

"Well I'm getting old so I'll just have a water"My mum said.

"Oh No your not! I thought you guys were brother and sister!"The girl said.

My Mum laughed.The girl smiled and walked away.I took her card ; Nova.Nice name...

" By the time I was your age, I'd give anything
  To fall in love truly, was all I could think
  That's when I met your mother, the girl of my dreams
  The most beautiful woman, that I'd ever seen"Someone sang.

I looked over and Saw Sam singing.

" She said, 'Boy can I tell you a wonderful thing?
  I can't help but notice, you're staring at me.
  I know I shouldn't say this, but I really believe,
  I can tell by your eyes that you're in love with me'".

Terrible things by Mayday Parade.I love this song.

" Now, son, I'm only telling you this
  Because life can do terrible things.

  Now, most of the time we'd have too much to drink
  And we'd laugh at the stars and we'd share everything
  Too young to notice, and too dumb to care
  Love was a story that couldn't compare".

Nova smiled, Staring at him.He looked back and smiled at her.I rolled my eyes.

" I said, 'Girl, can I tell you a wonderful thing?
  I made you a present with paper and string.
  Open with care now, I'm asking you, please.
  You know that I love you, will you marry me?'

  Now, son, I'm only telling you this
  Because life can do terrible things
  You'll learn, one day, I'll hope and I'll pray,
  That God shows you differently

  She said, 'Boy can I tell you a terrible thing?
  It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks.
  Please, don't be sad now, I really believe,
  You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me.'".

I looked at my mom and she was tearing up a bit. That's what happened when i first heard the song.He finished it and everyone clapped. Nova brought our drinks over.

"Ready to order?"She asked.

We ordered our food and she walked off.I got up and went to the mic.My turn now.

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