If You Can't See Where it Keeps It's Brain

Sequal to The Woman with Two Souls Harry and Niki have survived their first year at Hogwarts, complete with a showdown with Voldemort. Now, just as they're heading back to school, Dobby the House-Elf shows up with a warning. When they refuse to heed, he goes to extreme lengths to get them sent home "to safety" according to him. Harry and Niki disregard his warnings with annoyance, but when strange things begin happening at Hogwarts, they're going to wish they had listened.


1. Inviting the Friends Over

"Dadfoot, can Ron and Hermione come to stay?" Niki asked.

"For how long?" Sirius replied.

"Um... a few days?" Niki hesitantly offered. 

"I'm okay with it." Sirius replied. "Ron will be in Harry's bedroom, though."

"Well, duh!" Niki said. "Should I use Floo Powder?"

"Is Hermione's house connected?" Remus asked, entering the room.

"Um, about that..." Niki said.

"So you might want to ask Harry if you can borrow Hedwig." Remus said.

"No, its not that, it's just that I..." Niki trailed off.

"Niki, what did you do?" Remus asked. 

"Nothing! I just had Mr. Weasley connect Hermione's house!" Niki insisted.

"Fine. Use the Floo." Remus sighed, trying to hide his amusment. "Would you want to see if they could stay a week? Then you can have them here on your birthday." 

"Okay!" Niki squealed in excitement, running to the fireplace.

"You know, Nicole, you probably should have asked me before you invited my friends over." Harry said, grinning as he entered. 

"Do you want Ron and Hermione over for our birthday?" Niki asked.

"Of course! Why would you even have to ask that?" Harry replied.

"Because you told me to." Niki said in a tone that suggested reasoning with a child around three years old. 

"True." Harry grinned. "Well, come on. Let's go to the Burrow first."

"Hey, Dadfoot!" Niki yelled over her shoulder. "Can I see if Ginny can come too?"

"Sure, why not?" Sirius shouted back. 

"Thank!" Niki turned back to the fireplace and threw down the powder. Stepping into the flames, she shouted, "The Burrow!" and was wisked away into green flames.

When the spinning finally stopped, she stepped out of the fireplace into the Weasley's kitchen. 

"Ron! Ginny! Mrs. Weasley!" she called, walking into the next room. 

"Niki!" four voices cried, and Ron, Ginny, Fred and George came running down the stairs. "Harry!" the same four voices shouted again.

"Oh, Nicole and Harry, dears!" Mrs. Weasley said, entering the living room. 

"Hello Mrs. Weasley." Niki said, smiling. "I was just wondering if Ronald and Ginny could come stay at my house for a week, and celebrate mine and Harry's birthday." 

"Of course they can!" Mrs. Weasley said. 

"What, not us?" Fred and George asked in unison, mocking offence. 

"Oh, I'm sure that Moony and Padfoot would be okay with it if these two came, too." Harry said. 

"Okay, sure." Niki turned back to Mrs. Weasley. "Can they come, too?"


"Come on, Mum!" Fred said. "You're letting Ron and Ginny go!"

"Well, alright." Mrs. Weasley consented. "But I want you to Floo back every night! Ron and Ginny can sleep over, but you two had better be back here by eleven every night!"

"Can they sleep on the night of our birthday?" Niki asked. "We'll all sleep downstairs in the living room, and have a sort of party."

"Very well." Mrs. Weasley smiled. "Well, begone with you! Don't you have some chaos to be causing?"

"Thanks!" the group of children called before they Flooed back to Number 12, Grimmauld Place. 

"Okay, I'm gonna go invite Hermione." Niki said, once all six of them were in the living room. "You five stay here." 

Niki was back from Hermione's house much quicker, and all seven kids rushed upstairs to Niki's room. 

"Wow, in all the times I've been here, I've never been in your room." Ron, Fred and George said at the same time.

"Well, I used to hate Ron, and Moomy and Dadfoot didn't want boys in my bedroom." Niki explained.

"And they're okay with it now?" Ron asked.

"I don't think they know." Niki said, frowning faintly. She quickly smiled again. "But it's fine. Now," she pulled out parchment and a quill and set it on her desk, moving her small black dog, Prongs, out of the way. "We have some mischief to plan."  
A/N: Well, here's the first chapter of the second book of the Nicole Potter series! How do you like it? Also, the character contest I started in the first book is over. The new enemy will be appearing once they return to Hogwarts. I'll make another Author's Note with the winner! 

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