If You Can't See Where it Keeps It's Brain

Sequal to The Woman with Two Souls Harry and Niki have survived their first year at Hogwarts, complete with a showdown with Voldemort. Now, just as they're heading back to school, Dobby the House-Elf shows up with a warning. When they refuse to heed, he goes to extreme lengths to get them sent home "to safety" according to him. Harry and Niki disregard his warnings with annoyance, but when strange things begin happening at Hogwarts, they're going to wish they had listened.


4. Birthday Chaos

"Dadfoot!" Niki called down the stairs.

"Yes, Niki?" Sirius called back.

"Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Harry and I are going to do some, livening up, up here, okay?"

"Yeah, sure Niki. Just don't do anything that's damaging." Sirius replied, clearly not paying attention.

"'K, thanks!" Niki yelled, and starting hurrying back to her room, before she remembered something else, and ran back to the stairs. "Do you know where Kreacher is?" 

"Just call him, and she should come." Remus said from directly behind Niki, causing her to yell and fall down the stairs. 

"Nik!" Remus called in alarm, drawing all six other kids out of the bedroom, which obviously caused chaos. Niki stood up unsteadily. 

"I'm fine!" she announced. As she started heading up the stairs, a house-elf appeared next to her.

"Kreacher, there you are!" Sirius yelled. "Well, come downstairs and help clean up!" Sirius strode back into the kitchen. 

"You're not Kreacher." Harry observed. 

"I is Dobby, sir. Dobby the House-Elf." the elf squeaked. 

"Well, do you know where Kreacher is?"  Ron asked.

"Dobby comes with a warning, missus and sirs. Dobby is here to warn Harry Potter and Nicole Potter not to return to Hogwarts School this year!"

"Why not?" Niki asked, startled. 

"There is a plot to make terrible things happen!" Dobby said. "My masters-" he broke off, and suddenly ran at the wall and banged his head against it repeatedly. 

"Dobby!" Harry yelled, grabbing him and dragging him away from the wall. 

"Thank you, Harry Potter, sir." Dobby said, his eyes dazed. "Dobby almost spoke ill of his masters, sir." 

"Dobby, we're going back to Hogwarts." Niki said. Dobby suddenly siezed her arm.

"Then Dobby will go to plan B." he said, and disappeared. 

Niki blinked in the sudden sunlight, and realized that she was on a tropical island. Harry suddenly appeared behind her.  

"Where are we?" he asked.

"I think we're on an island." Niki replied.

"Well, duh!" Harry said. "I meant, what island are we on?"

"Whichever island Dobby wanted to  take us to." Niki explained. 

"Niki, now is not the time!" Harry admonished. "We need to get back home! We can't wait for someone to find us. If we do, it would take ages. What would we eat or drink? We'd starve to death!"

Just as Harry finished speaking, piles of fresh food appeared next to them in crates, boxes, and bags.

"I think Dobby thought of that." Niki muttered, and kicked a crate. The only result this elicited was a stabbing pain in her foot. 


"Mr. Black! Mr. Lupin!" Hermione called, racing down the stairs. The others followed right behind her.

"Hermione, what's wrong?" Remus asked.

"Some stinking house-elf showed up and disappeared with Harry and Niki!" Fred exclaimed.

George decided he needed to continue what Fred had started. "Yeah, like, what the -" 

"George!" Hermione and Ginny shouted at the same time.

"-was that all about?" George finished. Sirius snickered, while Remus looked reproachful.

"George, don't ever repeat that in this household." Remus said sternly.

"Yes, sir." George said loudly, over Fred and Ron's laughter. 

"So, do you know who's elf it was?" Sirius asked. Fred and Ron quieted. 

"He said his name was Dobby." Ginny said. 

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