a writers starting (DISCONTINUED)

here is my mini diary i made quite a wile ago when i started writing my first real stories and fan fics. (i write real stories, not fanfic, in my writing book)


4. september 6th... im still 6 but sirus is 9!!!!!!!!!!! grade 2

okay hello people!!! well diary.... so its so hard to stay away from you!!!!!!!!!!! i mean like i riped our some of your pages, and put you in the bathtub and got you all wet, so more pages fell out and than put on trash gloves because I DONT WANT TO TOUCH YOU!!!!!!!!!!! and finnaly put you in the trash. :(.....  mum found you and fixed you up yesteday, she told me i better start writing again because i can express my feelings into you and not get mad at anything else. well... i have got really mad latley because my teach never gave me another award and i get what mum called tempertantums or somthing. i finnaly think, than i am not mad at you anymore because if i dont share you to the entire world, im not a storie writer.! but i dont think i will write much anymore just incase. bey!!!!!!!


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