a writers starting (DISCONTINUED)

here is my mini diary i made quite a wile ago when i started writing my first real stories and fan fics. (i write real stories, not fanfic, in my writing book)


1. september 1st 2010....i was 6 almost 7. grade 2

today i readed all the harry potter books in two days.... i really think

i could recite it word for word. today i also claimed my love for harry

potter.... i know right! so old! EVREYONE WHO READ HARRY

POTTER HAS A CRUSH ON HARRY! i still can't deside which is

my fave book. i plan on trying to convince my mom to let me go to

the police station for my birthday, september 22. i really really really

want to be a police officer when i grow up.... school also started

today! grade two! i feel so big now!!!!!!!!!!!!! my teach is really nice,

her name was ms. um..... okay i cant spell it and i cant pronounce

it yet either. so i call her ms.B.  Ms.B thinks i have a very big

imagination and a very good reader for my age, i can read full

chapter books. she thinks with all my imagination i could be a

famous people! well.... my mom is telling my to go to sleep now,

its 7:30 now so i better go to sleep!

bye diary!  

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