a writers starting (DISCONTINUED)

here is my mini diary i made quite a wile ago when i started writing my first real stories and fan fics. (i write real stories, not fanfic, in my writing book)


6. september 7th 2010....still so many days untill im 7!!!!!!!

hello diary! its me ivy...i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mum got me the new harry potter hogwarts library book.!  today is teusday so i was, no am... really busy, cause i have to do lots of unnamed stuff. today at school a police officer came and told us how to cross the road safly. i already know how but i payed atenttion to how the two police officers talked so when i became a police i know how to talk. the girl police, i think her name was victoria, who i called tory, gave us stickers and she promised me to help me train by taking me to the police station tomorow if my mum sgins a form. i made my mum sgin it and we took it to the police station. it was huge! like bigger than my building! when i got home my mum told me to get out my police officer suit so i could wear it to the police station. i got it out and practiced being a police officer, and aressiting my little brother. he was a bad guy. MY MUM IS CALLING ME AND she made LASANIA so i must eat dinner, write tomorwow....


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