Lexie Writes Junk

Writer stuff. Just some drabbles in case I'm making the stories soon.


1. The Intro



Hi! You may not know who this is, but I'll explain to you.


My (pen) name is Lexie Gray, and I'm a 15 year old dork who loves writing, reading, anime, Vocaloid music, magic, fantasy, paranormal activity, Disney Fairies and vampires! Oh, and Hetalia.


I love to create my own new characters, but I prefer they were not for any specific fandoms. I love to design my own original characters for my own original stories, too!

So basically this is full of things for other fandoms (includes Hetalia) like Pokemon, PMMM, PPPMM, Sailor Moon, RuneScape, etc. 

I uh... hope you enjoy all these random ideas? And I hope you like the cover pic of Turkey x Greece cuz DAMN I SURE DO!! XD

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