Lexie Writes Junk

Writer stuff. Just some drabbles in case I'm making the stories soon.


2. Dreamweaver [Quick Drabble]


What are they? Where do they come from? How do people like me learn how to experience them? And how do we know what they are...?

For a very, very long time — since human time began, really — people have asked the same questions that I have about dreams. I never understood them. Nobody can honestly explain them.

When people ask about my dreams, I never know what to say. If I told them that I dreamt of nothing but blackness last night— every night—  then they would probably want to send me away. I have no idea where they would send me to if I did tell them the truth, but I know that I will never return alive.

I never answer any questions people ask about dreams, as I have never been able to experience them.

But I do know one thing: dreams don't come true. They can't come true. It is impossible to make your dreams become a reality. The only way is to just talk about them, and HOPE those dreams become true.

But there is no such thing as hope. I have also never experienced hope. Maybe I will someday?

Only time can tell...

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