The Real Halloween

My halloween special poem, I hope you like it


1. The Real Halloween

The Real Halloween


Open the door

Lose your mind

Just for



Monsters roam free

Not as scary as

What’s inside me


Still I run

Run far away

From all the things

I see today


Sometimes in the

Cold dark night

Where devils emerge

People’s inner demons

Begin to converge


They prey on the



But for some

Tonight is a night

Of celebration

Honoring past spirits

And jubilation


For some tonight

Is just a night

Where you get to dress up

And display scary,

flashing lights


But not all people

In our world

Are as sane

They wait for the word

Of their inner voices


Then tonight

Is an excuse

For them to roam free

To scream at the sky

We question their sanity


We rightfully should

But instead we wait

Try to predict, instead

What else they would

Do, on a night like this


But things in real life

Aren’t as fun

And after this night is done

The terror doesn’t really end

But still the world

Just likes to pretend


People are out there

Their inner demons

Are manifesting themselves

Their mental issues

No longer contained to a cell


Whether it be

A criminal or a clown

Their minds instead

Run free in town


People can’t see

What will happen

So instead we sit



But tonight

You can think

Of what should give you fright

For out in the streets

Wandering the night

Are tortured souls


and the real word

Is much more scary

Than the monsters roaming

The zombies and pirates

Instead think

Of what’s really out there


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