me and my bestfriend

me and my best friend move to america and find out that the 2 people she has liked for ages are there. read to find out what happens...


4. the day after


This morning was quite a funny morning, i woke up in my bed, how the hell i ended up in my bed i don't know. I had a note on the bed side table, it said

I know you didn't fall asleep in this bed, but you are here now! How the hell you didn't wake up is magic, i didn't want my mum to find someone in my bed when she got in this morning. So i had to bring you home, you might not think it but i class you as a girlfriend now this letter is me asking you out in non person form! I hope you feel the same way. Also we don't know much about each other so i'm gonna tell you a few things

Name: Toby William Harrison ( such an English name? My parents are English)

Age and date of birth: 19 years old and 21/01/1997

Parents names: Mary and John Harrison 

siblings : 2 of them. Brother, Kaidon, and a sister, Kelly. Kelly i and Luke are both  younger at 18. Hopefully one day you will meet them. This is kelly:

And this is Luke : 

I know we have only just met but you are beautiful and i want you in my life, please please say yes!


                           TOBY XX


The letter nearly made me cry, he actually wants to be with me and he wants me to meet his family. I only met him yesterday and yet i have slept in his bed, possibly only for about 10 minutes but you know i actually have been there. I woke up really late because it is know 10:30 and i still haven't heard Chloe get up or in, if she did even stay out last night. So i walked over to the door and opened it. Chloe was led in bed fast asleep, so i went over and jumped in her. I laughed she was so scared it was really funny to watch. When she woke up properly, she asked me why i came home last night so i tell her why and she is really confused. Then i show her the letter and she then understands. I asked her why she still isn't with Justin, she said she didn't even go home with him he came to the hotel and slept here, but he had to go home really early because he had to go to hos dad's. Which is fine , then i ask her what we are doing today. She replies with a little bit off a smile Justin wants to take me to the mall. I  just sit there looking like an absolute tit and wait for her to ask me if i wanted to go. So i sat and sat, even after about half an hour of us talking she didn't even asked but then she did. She jumped up and said would you and Toby like to come like another date thing. So i said yes but i need to ask Toby first. 


I ran back into my room to grab my phone, as soon as i pick it up, Toby started to ring me. When i pick up he sounded like he was crying so asked him if he was alright, he said he was fine and just wanted to see me. I told he about the trip to the mall, he said that it would be great to go, so i told him times and he said he would come and pick us up. I started to get ready by putting on my clothes: 

The next thing you know, Toby was knocking on my door and Justin was knocking on Chloe's. I ran to the door and opened it, we stood there are hugged for ages. When i let go i looked up, he looked down and kissed me! I feel like i'm in a dream, Chloe shouted through the door, we are leaving love birds. Me and Toby just looked at each other and smiled. 


When we reached the mall Justin asked where we were going first and of course Chloe shouted sephora. So we went to sephora first and I bought loads of stuff:

 Then we went to Calvin Klein because who wouldn't want to go there, I bought a few things from there:

The next 2 places we went to where footlocker and forever 21, I didn't buy a lot from these places: 

Of course we had to go to Hollister, a shopping trip with Hollister isn't a real shopping trip:

After going to Hollister we all got hungry, but me and Chloe didn't have a clue what most of the places to eat where so the boys had to explain a lot of places to us. After a long while of the boys tell us what was what, we all decide on hooters. The food look like something you would die for, it was amazing. 


Nearly 2 hours later, we had decide on going and doing a little more shopping before we go anywhere else, we went to Lacoste:

Next we went to pink, one of my all time favourites:

Pink was the last shop we went into because Justin had to get back. Me, Toby and Chloe all went back to our hotel, we all had a little drink in the lobby and Toby just couldn't takes his eyes off of me. So i grabbed his phone (he doesn't have a password!) and i took a picture of me, it wasn't the best but it will do for know , and i set it as his front screen! he just looked at me and laughed! I put my password into my phone and gave it to him, he took the best picture you could ever possibly think of! I could of died there and then because of how gorgeous he was.

Later on that night, at about 10:30 Chloe went up to the room, she left me and Toby sitting there on our own. It was awkward at all, just me and him talking was the best thing i had done all day. He walking me up to my room after we had finished our drinks and he said i can't drive home i have too much too drink, so i told him he could stay here just for the night. He literally only slept in his boxers and OMG! His body is to die for. He got in to bed and i put my head on his chest, i felt like i was in heaven. He cuddled into me, which i was surprised at! I feel asleep almost instantly.  

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