me and my bestfriend

me and my best friend move to america and find out that the 2 people she has liked for ages are there. read to find out what happens...


6. Party time!pt2



When we got to the place, where the party was being held, me, Chloe and Tracy got out the limo first and then the boys where behind us. The party had already started when we got there, Toby grabbed hold of my hand and said if you feel like you don't fit in we can go. I look at him and nearly started crying, he is so nice to me he doesn't mind missing one of his best friends party to be with me. I told him that i think i will be fine, but if i'm not i will tell him. Toby didn't want to leave my side and stayed with me the whole night which i loved because we danced together for the first time ever, i met all of his friends and they were all lovely. The night seemed to go so quick, me, Toby, Chloe and Justin stayed together most of the night but towards the end of the night Justin and Chloe seemed to disappear, which happens everytime we go out with them.  Anyway me and Toby leave and go back to my hotel room, to find Justin and Chloe in my bed fast asleep. It made me laugh but i don't really mind because me and Toby go into her room. At least there are two rooms so we can both fall asleep in a bed.


The night was so good but my memories are really faint, all i know is i had a good night, with everyone i love.  


Authors note:

sorry this is such a short chapter but i just wanted to finish off the chapter before but it wouldn't let me write anything else in the chapter so i made this one!

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