me and my bestfriend

me and my best friend move to america and find out that the 2 people she has liked for ages are there. read to find out what happens...


2. on the way


well, today is the day me and chloe are going to America, which i can't wait for. This has been my life dream since i was little and now i'm 18 i can finally do it on my own with out anyone stopping me. Chloe has nearly been in tears already and we have only just got out of bed! we still have like 2 hours before we have to get the train to go to manchester airport. Now that the day is here it doesn't actually feel real! I knew it wouldn't be i have had a countdown going for ages, but the countdown only made me scared. One bad thing about this trip is what if we get lost! Me and Chloe really aren't good at directions and we probs will end up somewhere like jamaica.


Anyway, i need to get ready but i actually don't have a clue what to put on, so i turn to look at chloe, who has put this on her bed:

I think to myself,I don't think i have ever seen Chole wear something as dressy just to go on an aeroplane, i really would of thought she would put some trackies on! This really isn't like her. Still, it doesn't help me at all. Maybe something similar to what she is wearing. Then i remember the little trip i had with Chloe about 2 weeks ago and put on what i bought then, this is what i pulled out of my suit case( i have packed everything in the case):

  This i think is quite a good outfit to travel in. Not just because it is stylish, but also it is really comfy. After we have got change, we then decided we are going to put  makeup on. we still haven't woken up properly, but it doesn't look bad: 

After we  done our makeup, we only have about 45 minutes and it takes 30 minutes to get to the train station, so we set off after we had to leave. 


The car journey was the most funniest car ride we had ever had, one minute Chloe is cry the next she is laughing saying how much fun we are going to have when we get there, Chloe has never really been on a long plane journey, the only plane she has ever been on is going from Manchester to Glasgow, which is only a 30 minute fly. So this is a new thing for her! when we reach the train station my Dad gives me that look ( the one that says be careful) and then looks at me as if he is going to cry, then he says that i'm always gonna be his little girl no matter what even if i am thousands of miles away.We hug for a few minutes and then he goes to Chloe and gives her a hug as well. He whispered in her ear look after each other please. I look up to see what platform we are on, the platform is right the other end of the train station we are on so it is a bit of a walk. Me and Chloe have finally been let go by our parents and are free. 

Ten minutes later we are sat on a train on our way to Manchester. You could tell that we were both scared to be on that train, but we didn't say anything about it. We talk about what we are going to do when we get there, first of all we have to go to our hotel obviously, but after that we are going to go out for dinner. I can't wait. The bags sat next to me make me feel worried just incase we have forgot anything, so i go through my hand luggage:

 Thankfully I have everything, i'm so glad i haven't forgotten anything or i would be screwed. Chloe went through her bang as well and also hasn't forgotten anything either. I so happy i am doing this with my best friend and no one else, i know that was a bit random but me and Chloe have been through everything together and are practically sisters, we have a bed at each others house. Our parents are good friends too so it is much easier for me and Chloe to be together.


Anyway, the train journey went really quick and we are already at the airport, it is only 1:30pm Chloe shouted as we got off the train, she was jumping up and down like an idiot, all i could do was laugh. Stepping into the airport a cool breeze hit me, it has only just really hit me, we are going to America. Me and Chloe look at each other and smile so much i felt like my jaw was going to break. We walked up to the desk to check our bags in, all i can say is i don't feel old enough to be doing this, even though i am nearly 19. 

Waiting around is so boring, i hate it especially when you are about to go and live somewhere else. After about an hour of waiting we are ready to board the plane, we were the first people on the plane and we sat there for about half an hour before everyone else actually got on the plane. Before we knew it we where in the air...    

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