me and my bestfriend

me and my best friend move to america and find out that the 2 people she has liked for ages are there. read to find out what happens...


3. HERE!!


we are here at last, a six hour flight is over with and we are here in America, I feel like i have go across the world loads of times, but this is the first time. People here look so different and dress so different to they do back home, me and Chloe look really over dressed compared to everyone else. After we get our bags, we go find the taxi guy my dad had booked for us, we look around and see a guy holding a sign up saying `BETHANY & CHLOE FROM BRITAIN' which i find a little bit funny, why did he have to put from Britain. Oh well at least we know my dad booked it right, the guy looked quite fit and young: 

We walked up to him and said thats us! His mouth like drops to the floor when we walk up to him. He was only looking at me though, which i was quite shocked at. This way he said in a really cute American accent. We just stand there and look at each other, Chloe has already gone to the doors and just looks back and shouts us to move! He is so gorgeous, i need to know his name and see if i will ever see him again but i don't wanna ask and be rude.   But it was as if he read my mine, he said my name is Toby, i'm guessing your Bethany. I just nod, he smiles and me and his teeth are the perfect shade of white, it is unbelieveable! HE IS UNBELIEVEABLE! Anyway he then asked me i if i was going to stay in America for a long time and i said yes we have come over to live here and find work. His smile grew bigger, why you smiling so big i asked, like 2 seconds after i had said that he said because you are here and aren't leaving anytime soon, can i have ur number?I looked so shocked i just grabbed a pen from out of my bag and wrote it on the back of the sign he had held up. 


The whole car journey was silent, Chloe just kept looking at me and smiling. I wondered what she was smiling at, but then i realised that she was smiling because i think i might have just pulled a really fit guy. WOW! Bethany has one in the bag for once, this time it's not Chloe! 


10 minutes later, we arrived at the hotel and the hottie Toby was about to leave us. We got out the taxi and he said that the ride was free. We both look at each other again and for some reason he came closer, he leaned in and bother i knew it his tongue was roaming my mouth like a lost puppy. OMG! I have been in America like 2 minutes and have already bagged myself a date. After we had finished our little kiss, he said I will text you when i get home yeah? Of course, i said to him. Bye Toby i shouted and he just waved. 


When we got inside the hotel,Chloe look at me and hugged me. She said wow Beth you have already bagged yourself a little date haven't you? I just looked around and she smiled. We booked in and we found out we were next door to each other. This has got to be the best day of my life so far, Me and Chloe walked into our rooms and gasped. the room had door at the other side, so i walked up to it and opened it and was in Chloe's room, which was the same as mine: 

We just looked at each other and laugh. I said that we should unpack, so i went back into my room and got my suitcase up onto my bed. I opened it and realized i had brought to much. It took me about 30 minutes to unpack and put it all in the wardrobe, I opened the door and asked Chloe what we where going to do. Just at that i got a message it said ' Hey, gorgeous! It's Toby, what are you doing tonight? I was wondering if you and your friend would like to come out for a meal with me and my friends? Tx' I then just screamed and Chloe came running in. We have something to do tonight!!! I shouted, she looked at me, so i showed her the text and she grabbed my phone and text him back  ' we would love to come out with you and your friends, what time and where? Bx' Almost straight after he text back ' well we will pick you up at 7:00 and we are going to my favourite restaurant! See you soon babe!x' Wow we need to get ready Chloe look at me and said. She picked out my outfit and also did my makeup:

 I text Toby telling him our room numbers and he came at 7 on the dot, Chloe look amazing and her dress was gorgeous: 

I felt really under dressed, but Toby's month didn't really shut when he saw me so i was okay. I asked him where his friends where and he just pointed to the car they were sat in, Chloe just screamed and so i asked her what was up. She is that it was the boy she came her to meet! I was so happy for her, it was Justin and Danny. When we got in the car i sat in the front with Toby and in the back Justin and Chloe were flirting, so bad that even Toby noticed.  


When we got there Danny left so it was just me, Toby, Chloe and Justin. Double date literally. When we ordered Toby wouldn't stop staring at me, so i asked him if there was anything up and he just kissed me! i feel so happy my first day and i have already got something like a boyfriend he isn't my boyfriend yet,I don't think. Well whatever this relationship is i like it, Justin and Chloe are just flirting all night and to be honest so were me and Toby. After we ate, Toby asked if we wanted to go get an ice cream, we all said yes because who wouldn't say yes to an ice cream. We walking a little and we were at the ice cream place, we all order ice cream. Justin and Chloe walked away and left me and Toby sitting there. Toby asked me if i want to stay at his house tonight, I just looked at him with puppy eyes and he said I taking that as a yes then? i just nodded. so i texted Chloe saying that i was staying out and she text back same. 

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