Celebrity High

All your favorite celebs in one high school...


1. Welcome Back to Hollywood High

Taylor Swift P.O.V. 

 I couldn't stop playing with the hem of my skirt I was so nervous. Even though many people think I'm the queen of everything evil I'm really nice and sweet. And even the 'Queen of Evil' gets nervous about high school.Today is the start of my senior year and the last time I have to walk the annoying halls of Hollywood High. Don't get me wrong high school is important and all but it's just full of self centered people who can't stop looking at themselves in mirrors. And people who are so high up on their throne that they can't come off for just one second. Just like a high school in the movies there are the pops and the not so pops. 

Many people think of me as one of the "pops" and I guess I don't mind the name. But I just hate being compared to the other pops who are so narcissistic. Like Kimberly Kardashian like how many pictures do you need to take of yourself in just one class period. I swear if I have any classes  with her I'm dropping out.There are many pops but then you have the 'Elite Pops'. And that's the only club I'm trying to join. It's filled with the best of what Hollywood has to offer. If I could join for just one day I'd do the 'Single Ladies" dance with Beyonce . 

I'm knocked out of my thoughts when a black Mercedes-Benz SUV speeds in front of me and into my parking space. I have to think of hanging out with Karlie Kloss so I don't yell at the person in the car. But sure enough Kimberly Kardashian and Yeezy himself hop out of the car. I can tell by the smile on her face she knows what she's done. I just roll my eyes and find another parking space.  

Once I'm parked I grab my cat decorated backpack and get out. I know many people might say that my backpack is either weird or just creepy but it's filled with all my cats faces. I think it's cute and kinda like taking them with me when I can't. I start the long walk down the long sidewalk and up to the front entrance. Through the doors I can Selena talking to one of the teachers. I do a quick wave of my hands and she looks up and gives me a small wave. 

If it was like last year than she would have stop talking to the teacher and ran up to me and gave one of her famous bear hugs but that was last year and this is a new year. And though I haven't had the best relationships I tried to give good advice about Justin. And I guess that;s where our friendship kinda started to fall apart. All I was trying to do was save her from the heartbreak and disappointment. She thought I was coming off a different way and we kinda stopped talking. 

But I hope she can work things out and we can become friends again. Until then I had Karlie and Cara to hang out with. Walking in the large cafeteria I see all the familiar and non-familiar faces. Even though I was still pretty far from most of them I could still smell the make up and perfume and cologne. Some smelled good and other just smelled weird. I ignore the aromas and head to my usual table by the vending machine and sit next to Cara. 

"What's up Tay?"

She was eating a bag of chips and sipping on a bottle of water.

"Well my parking space was taken and Selena still won't talk to me but since I'm alive and healthy I'm good"

She looked at me and started her crazy laugh. And I couldn't help but join in. This was one of the reasons I loved Cara. She makes me smile and laugh like nothing is wrong. 

"Well maybe you would have never been late if you didn't have so many cats meowing you to stay", She says raising one of her bushy eyebrows. 

I roll my eyes and grab a hand of chips from the bag. But when I turn to look around I see HIM. Calvin. He's sitting with Tinashe. Many people were saying they were dating over the summer but I'm sure they're just friends. If if they're not then I'm not gonna cry a river because he's with someone else. Am I?


Rihanna P.O.V. 

I take another sip of my soda and look around the cafeteria. Everyone really looks the same except some people have gotten new haircuts or hairstyles that in my opinion they should have thought twice about. 

"Alright students welcome back to Hollywood High," Mrs.Jenner smiled.

And as soon as she said it a big banner dropped down and it read:

'Welcome Back to Hollywood High'

Wow. She really has stepped it up this year. Wonder what's next.A big statue of Kim in the front of the school?


Justin Bieber P.O.V.

I lay my head down and look at her from a far. Selena. She was sitting with some of her friends. They were concentrating on Mrs.Jenner and her speech.But I didn't care. She gives the same speech every year and then Kim and her sisters get up and pass around gift bags but only to certain people. The other people just got cupcakes or cookies. If you got gift bags then you were friends with them and if you didn't well then you're gonna be kissing their butt for the rest of the year. As soon as Kris is done they get up and start passing them out. 

Kylie gives out blue ones and the rest of them give out gold ones. I just groan and close my eyes and try to focus everything out. But I jolt up when Kendall places a purple bag on my table.  She winks and walks away to give away the rest of the bags. I see that no one else got a purple bag but me. I guess she made it special for me. I open the bag and expect expensive cologne and an invitation to their 'Back to School Bash' but instead it's just a small piece of paper. 

Dear Justin,

Your gift is better than some cologne or card. It's....me

Come over tonight before the bash

See you there,

                        KENDALL :)

I only rub my face in exhaustion. This is one of the reasons Selena and I broke up. But I had nothing better to do tonight so what the hell.


Sorry if it was kinda boring I promise it'll get funnier and more outrageous soon. 

Would you go the bash?????

I would just so I could dance with Queen Bey 

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