Celebrity High

All your favorite celebs in one high school...


2. Sustin or Jofia vs. Jelena

Kim Kardashian P.O.V.

I knew Taylor was mad at me but if she's gonna drive like Ms.Daisy then she deserved to have her spot taken. And watching her from across the cafeteria I know she's sad about her and Calvin's split. But it's her fault she can't keep a man. I mean I've had my fair share of relationships but not as many as her. It's like she has a boyfriend every season year round. Like NO!

I snap out of my thoughts when my mom finishes her boring speech. Like I love her but sometimes she can really be a bore. And with that outfit she should be sad not happy. I get up and collect my set of bags. I began passing out the invitation bags and I can't help but do a little gag looking at some of the people's outfits. Like how can you wear Alexander Wang and not rock it?Someone obviously isn't following me on Instagram or Snapchat. 

I start with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and end with Amy Schumer. Even though she interrupted me last prom by falling in front of me while I was talking pictures she's funny and I need a comedian friend. This year I've decided to be nicer and allow more people to come to the party. But that's doesn't mean I'm letting the whole school come. That would be embarrassing for me and my family. We are exclusive and only the Elite are allowed. 

When I'm done with my bags I stand in the front of the cafeteria and wait for my sisters to finish. I swear it feels like I'm the only one who likes to be on time. I told them only 18 people per sister and looks like they can't count or just too slow this morning. Soon I'm joined by Kourtney, Khloe and Kylie. But Kendall isn't done yet. She's the skinniest so I don't know why she isn't done yet. But then I see her get to Justin and I know. She's still flirting with the kid. Like move on. There are better fish in the ocean. Like someone loyal. And after a wink she finally joins us. She gives me an unapologetic look but I only roll my eyes. Thanks to her hormones we're ten minutes behind. But being the queen I am I straighten up and clear my throat to get the attention of the people. 

Once the happy talks stop I began my now shorten speech. 

"I'm glad to see all my classmates back and even happier to see new faces"

They erupt in a small cheer but I quickly shush them with an eyebrow raise. 

"Now if you don't have your schedules remember to go to Khloe first hour but anything after that you're on your own"

"If you need any help around campus go to Kourtney and any help with fixing schedules go to Kylie and Kendall"

"If you have any other questions you come to me during sixth hour only OK?"

The crowd looks like a group of bobble heads as they nod their heads. 

I give one more picture perfect smile and on cue the bell rings and I grab Kanye and head to class. 


Selena Gomez P.O.V.

Once Kim is finished with her speech and the bell rings I'm off to class. I hop up quicker than most people which earns me stares but I don't care. I could feel Justin staring at me and then I saw him looking at Kendall. I'm also pretty sure the note that was in his bag was probably her phone number so they could text each other during class. And I'm not surprised I didn't receive a bag this year. After Kendall and Justin hooked up I couldn't bring myself to talk to her anymore. And I know I've seemed distant from people but it's only to clear my head and feelings. 

Over the summer I've came to terms that Justin and I will never happen again and that 'perfect' is just some stupid word created by some imperfect person. 

I shake my head of the thoughts and walk down the dreadful hallway. Looking at people I see many people have changed. Like Kylie's nails have gotten longer and she sadly is still with Tyga. I see that Katy Perry's is no longer purple but a pretty shade of green. But what catches my eye the most is Niall. His died blonde hair makes him stick him out from among his brunette friends. and his blue look like the Atlantic ocean. I know I sound love struck but I can't help it. He's so nice and the way he sings makes me want to glue myself to him forever. I guess I was staring far too long because I'm bumped by someone. 

I shake my head and blink to see it was Demi who bumped me. She only mumbles a half apologetic sorry and moves on. I mutter a swear before finally getting to class. When I walk in ll the seats are full except the one next to...Justin

I run a hand through my hair before seating next to him.

My mind was telling me to slap him for this morning but I breathed in and out. I wouldn't let him get the best of me this year. Last year was emotionally broken Selena but this year is Selena is queen.

Ms.Swift walks in and the class goes silent immediately. She gives one hell of a fake smile and goes to the board and writes down today's assignment. I wanted to choke her with her necklace when I saw it was an essay. Like who gives homework on the first day? Especially an essay. Justin's swears and pulls out his phone. I so tempted to turn my eyes and look at the darkened screen but I know if I do I'll cry. Cause I'm not stupid. I know he's texting some girl who was lucky enough to slide in his dms. But I ignore the temptation and began working on the essay. It was supposed to be about what we did over the summer.Typical first day back assignment. 

But I really didn't feel comfortable writing about this summer since it wasn't the best. So I do my best to add the few fun parts of my summer in there and add some that never happened. I surprisingly finish before anyone else and am left with nothing to do. Justin hasn't even gotten out a piece of paper or pencil. He's just smiling at his phone. I know I'm going to regret this but I sink in my chair a little and look over at his phone. 

Justin P.O.V.

There was no way I was doing the assignment at least not until tonight. I see Selena finish before anyone else and can't help but admire her intelligence. Beautiful and smart. Then my phone vibrates and I look at the new messages. 

From Sofia ;)

Do you want to see my new jacket???

To Sofia ;)

:) Of course I do...But don't get caught silly 

A few minutes later and my phone buzzes. 

From Sofia ;)

Sent a pic 

  I couldn't help but smile a the cute pic. She looked like one of those Tumblr girls or Instagram models.

From Sofia ;)

Just for you...daddy 

To Sofia ;)

I would send you a pic but Sel is next to me and I don't think I'm able to take a pic rn

From Sofia ;)


To Sofia ;) 

what do you mean '....'

From Sofia ;)

y is she there?????!!!!!!!!

To Sofia ;) 

cuz we have the same class and don't be sad I can send pics next hour in Chemistry 

From Sofia ;) 

She better not be in the class or I'm going to have strangle her 

To Sofia ;)

y so angry??

From Sofia ;)

nothin I have to go the teacher is back

bye justin 

I hear Selena swear like a sailor then get up and go to the teacher. She talks to her for a minute then leaves. 

Did she see me? 

"Fuck," I groan in frustration. 

Great she probably really hates me now. 


Ohhhh Jelena :)

If you like the way you look that much then you should go and love yourself.... -Justin Bieber 


Longer chapter for you guys 






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