Celebrity High

All your favorite celebs in one high school...


3. Kat Fight

Selena Gomez P.O.V.

I knew I shouldn't have looked.

"Why can't you just get over him already stupid," I cry to myself. 

Now I'm crying in a bathroom stall while he's getting pics and texting someone new. Once the tears are no more and it's just dry heaves I wash my face at the sink. Looking in the mirror I see slightly pale skin and dark bags. My eyes are red and blotchy. I pull out my make up bag and start to reapply my make up. But the door swings open and Ariana appears. Her face is also red but not with sadness. She walks up to the sink to mine and begins mumbling stuff. 

Middling with people's business is the reason I'm in  here myself but I can't see her mad like this. 

"Um Ariana are you ok?"

I almost want to slap myself once the words are out because duh she's mad.

"No I'm not. That bitch of a teacher Wendy Whatever just got onto me for something I didn't do and she called me a walking stick," she yells. 

I walk over to her and wrap my arm around her and try to calm her down. She's tense at first but relaxes in my hold. 

I know me and Ariana haven't gotten along well with her being linked with Justin but girls have to look out for other girls.

And after minutes of fixing make up and making jokes about teachers we are both ready to finally get back to class. We give each other a hug and we go our separate ways. I return to class to find most people done and Justin is sleeping but Mrs.Swift doesn't notice she's too busy looking at a 'House Design' magazine. 

I take my seat and lay my head down. I can't believe Sofia doesn't like me. Like I know I shared a I guess not so nice comment on one of Justin's post with her in it and now she wants to strangle me? Well to be honest if I could I would strangle her back if I could but I know violence is never the answer. So I half sleep through the rest of the hour. 

Taylor Swift P.O.V.

I actually enjoyed my classes so far even though I Kanye was in one. I just moved as far as I could from him. I didn't really have that much of a grudge for him. It's just freshman year he interrupted me during my presentation in class to say that Beyonce's presentation was the best ever created. And though Beyonce's presentation was good I still wanted my few minutes to present mine. 

And I haven't had any classes with Kim so I'd say this was gonna be a good year. I almost run when the bell rings after fifth hour for lunch. When I say I'm hungry I'm hungry. And since I have been at this school for more than three years I know that I always need to bring my lunch. I mean the school had healthy food including an organic salad bar but I don't trust them. 

I'm first at my table and I open my lunch bag to see my yogurt and grilled chicken salad perfectly homemade. But it's not long till Karlie and Cara come strutting in with their lunch bags. Karlie just had a veggie burger and cookies while Cara being Cara had a burger,fries,soda,and a bag of chips.  I've always wondered where all that food went to. But every time I ask her she just says it's what makes her eyebrows bigger. So she has to eat a lot or else her eyebrows will look like mine.

Soon the Kardashains enter each with their boyfriend/husband. The only ones without eye candy was Kendall And Kourtney. Kourtney was with Scott a couple weeks ago but I guess they're over...for now. But when I look at Kim she's giving me an ugly look.

The big group walks over to our table and at first they just stand.

"Um can we help you?," Cara says with a mouth full of burger. 

I wanted to laugh at her silliness but I can tell this isn't the right time for it. 

"You".She said pointing at me."Scratched my car and you need to pay up for it or else", Kim demanded.  

"Or else what? You gonna scratch our face with your cat nails?"

She cocked an eyebrow at me and lunged at me. At first I was totally losing but I've seen enough Law and Order too know the best thing is to get the person on the ground and attack. So I rolled over and now I was on top of her and started to get her hands above her head. But she kept scratching at me with her nails. So I took her hand and bent it so that some of them popped off. She gasped and began to dig her other hand in my neck. I let out a hiss but manga e to remove it and pin her heads above her head. And I'm almost tempted to tell her rights. 

When I pin her arms she only smiles. 


Before I can finish my word my hair is being snatched back and I'm thrown across the fall. When I look up I see Kylie standing above me with a cocked eyebrow. I look around her to see Kendall standing there just looking. I thought we were friends?

Before I can question her alliance my legs are being dragged and I'm being dragged across the dirty floor. I try kicking her but Khloe has joined in and they both are laughing at me. All I could do  what close my eyes and pray for help or a teacher. Soon my body hits a wall and I jolt my eyes open. Selena has pushed both of them back and is holding two metal forks. She looks over at me and mouths 

"Are you OK?"

Though I probably have many bruises and scratches I nod and give her a small smile. Soon Karlie and Cara join in on the fight. But just as the Kim is about to get one good punch in on Kim Mr.Jones walks in. Everyone lets go of each other. He walks up to me and Kim and shakes his head at us. 

"All of you involved come with me and if you were involved and son't come with me you will be expelled"

He looked at me with a glare and points his finger to the doors that lead out of the cafeteria.

I release Kim and get up and shamefully follow him through the cafeteria. We get into our groups. My squad comes with me and the Kardashians and Jenners get together. 

"You know this was one hell of a cat fight with a 'K' ," Selena says. 


"You know cause they always spell words with a 'K'?"

I can't hep but let out a small laugh. 


Who do do you think would win in a real life fight? Taylor and her squad or the Kardashians and Jenners???


Why you gotta be so mean?-Taylor Swift 


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