Celebrity High

All your favorite celebs in one high school...


6. DTYWFO? Pt. 2

Taylor P.O.V. 

So far the night is fun but I always thought the parties were gonna be grander than this but at least I'm not at home. Cara and I head to the bathroom to freshen up . Though we can't dance like Beyonce we tried. And we've sweated off most of our make up. And I think I'm pretty without makeup but if Kim saw me she'd have a field day of jokes to throw my way. When we get in to the bathroom I'm not surprised by what I see. There's pictures of Kim everywhere. Some with Kanye and some with her family but mostly it's just her. 

"How can you pee while looking at yourself?" Cara says inspecting the pictures. 

I only laugh and tell her to turn around while i use the bathroom. She rolls her eyes and after three minutes of complaining she finally agrees to turn around. When I'm done she goes but she says I can look at her since it's 'So Natural'. 

I turn around anyway and we head to the huge mirror and sink to freshen up. 

Cara opens the drawer and we find all of Kim's favorite make up and nail polish. They neatly organized by color and type of makeup. 

"I didn't know they had colored mascara," i say picking up a bottle of blue mascara. 

"Maybe she died it. You know she's always into the newest trends"

We keep looking through the drawers and we eventually find Kim's 'personal items'.

"I love how size of tampons and pads matches her ego"

"Yeah super," I laugh. 

The door opens and Ariana walks in and she looks exhausted. 

"What's wrong Ari?"

She huffs and plumps down on the toilet. 

"That Nathan Skye guy is a stalker," she sighs. 

"Well he has the biggest crush on you"

"Well so does that guy mac and Sean. But you don't see them stalking me wherever I go do you?"

Cara and both shake her head Ari massages her temples. 

"Can I get a restraining order him or something?"

"Maybe give him one dance tonight and then tell you just wanna be friends and maybe that'll keep him off"

She taps her white nails on the side of her for a moment then smiles. 

She jumps up and hugs me tightly. 

"Thanks Tay. I hope it works"

And with a cute wave she's out. 

"How come you never help me with MY problems?" Cara sasses with her arms crossed. 

"Because I'm not a miracle worker and you have too many problems for me"

She mutters a swear word but grabs my hand and pulls me out of the bathroom. We make our way back to the dance floor to find Karlie and Ellie dancing to some EDM music made by none other then Calvin. When they see me they immediately stop dancing. 

"It's fine guys you don't have to not like him because we aren't together"

They let out a sigh and begin to do their attempts at 'rave dancing'. 

I join in and I actually like the song. The beat seems new and the lyrics are just as catchy. We keep dancing to the songs what seems like all night. Then I Sia dancing with Adele. And I don't know if it's the couple of drinks of champagne I've had but I think Sia is the best dancer I 've ever seen. Then she starts to do some weird jerk dance. And before you can say the word 'chandelier' her blonde/black wig falls off. And her face is revealed. 

"Well I guess you can say she really danced her wig off yeah?"

I can't help but join in on the laugh. Sia quickly puts on her wig without missing a beat. 



Sorry this is boring I've been going through some stuff lately. 

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