Celebrity High

All your favorite celebs in one high school...


5. Dance Till...Your Wig Falls Off?

Ariana P.O.V.

i comb through my hair and dance to 'Starboy' by the Weeknd. 

"I'm motherfucking starboy," I sing as I zip up my right boot. 

Tonight was the party and I was ready. I decided on a an all black outfit. A black crop top with short shorts and little net thing over it. I complete with knee high Steve Madden boots. 

Taylor Swift P.O.V.

My parents grounded me when I got home which I just ignored. I wasn't trying to be rebellious it's just I'm old enough to know what I did was either right or wrong.And it was right. I was just defending myself. And though I wasn't invited to the bash I would have my own bash here in my room. Meredith, Olivia and I are gonna watch Law and Order and eat popcorn. That might sound boring but really I was just tired to really go out somewhere. 

I grab Meredith and sit her on my lap. I pick up my Mac book and  pull up Netflix. I'm about to start on season six when my phone buzzes. 

From Cara Crxzy 

Where r u????

To Cara Crxzy 

what r u talking about?

From Cara Crxzy

the party cat lady

aren't u coming?

To Cara Crxzy

No because i wasn't invited and neither were u

so u better not think about going 

From Cara Crxzy 

well i'm going and you are two so put on something nice and fit for warm weather

see you in 10 ;)

I let a frustrate groan but get up and walk to my closet. I had name brand clothes like Chanel and Tom Ford but I never really wore them. But I guess if I'm going to ruin Kim's party I better do it with style then. I choose a black crop with a knee length black skirt. All this black isn't really for warm weather but I don't care it makes me look good. I finish with a pair of Louis Vuitton's and grab a clutch. I kiss my babies goodbye before leaving. 

Even though I'm sure my parents are sleep I still tip toe downstairs and tot the garage. I choose the Range River since I'm doing an all black theme. 

It takes me twenty minutes to get to Kim's house because of the traffic. When I arrive I have to pay the security team $50 each for me to be able to get in since my name wasn't the list. I soon find Karlie and Cara along with Ellie Goulding by the food and drinks. I join them and am meet with a bone crushing bear hug. I give one back and we sip expensive champagne and eat mini sandwiches. 

"Hey you guys wanna take a quick pic,"I say. 

They all smile in agreement. I pull out my phone and  go to Instagram. 

"Let's do silly faces!,"Ellie yells. 

I only laugh and give the phone to Karlie to take the pic for us. 

Once I post it it immeadiately the likes start rolling in. 

I caption it. 

'Bad behavior for bad blood'

"That doesn't even make sense Tay,"Ellie says examining the caption. 

"If you had our lunch then it would perfect sense and why didn't you do a silly face?"

"Because I'm didn't now lets go dance"

Kim Kardashian P.O.V. 

I walk down the long stairwell of stairs and watch as the people enjoy MY party. This was gonna be the talk of the school for days maybe even weeks. I made sure Kris got everything right. I ordered the best champagne, food and gift bags available.

I study the people and their outfits. Since I only invited the Elite the party was filled with well-known designers. From Vera Wang to Chanel and Dior. They all looked good and well dressed. But none of them looked better than me. I'll admit it my sisters did rock their outfits though.  

I haven't seen Kendall since I'd gotten back from detention but I guess she'll be here soon. I walk with Kylie to the dance floor and stat dancing with Kanye and Tyga. From the corner of my eye I can see French Montana with Khloe and Kourtney snuggling Scott. I try not to yell at Kourtney for going back once again. But if she invited him then I can't make him leave. I forget about everything else and listen and dance to the song Kanye recorded just for this dance. He says he'll become god among the rap industry and I'll be there to support him. 

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