Celebrity High

All your favorite celebs in one high school...


4. Bad Blood

Kim Kardashian P.O.V.

I can't believe I'M going to the office. I'M mother fucking Kimberly Kardshian and I do not go to the office. If it wasn't for that jealous Taylor Wannabe I wouldn't be going to the office in the first place. Not only am I in trouble but she broke some of my nails and dirtied up my Oscar De La Renta jumpsuit and broke the strap of my Miu Miu shoes. I could hear the other girls complaining of their fight scars but I didn't care. All I wanted was to call my mom and beat Taylor's ass once and for all. 

Once we're in the office we're all forced  to call our parents and sit and wait for them to arrive. I take this time to examine everyone else. 

Taylor has light nail marks on her neck and hands. There is big mark on her leg from where Khloe and Kylie dragged her. The thought makes me let out a quick laugh. She looks up from her hands and sends me a death glare which I gladly return back. Selena has no marks. Cara and Karlie have small lines on their hands. Kourtney has none since all she did was push Cara. Khloe and Kylie claim to have a sore back from when Selena pushed them against the wall. I on the other hand had only light red marks on my wrist. But other than that no one was really hurt. 

Soon all our parents arrive and they talk to principal Jones and when they come out they all have angry faces...especially Taylor's. Her mom says something to her and her pink lips turn into a frown. Kris only said next time she'd take our phones away and that we weren't able to drive our new cars for three weeks. 

I don't know what happened to the rest of them cause they were all allowed to return back to class except Taylor and I. 

"You two in here now!" Mr.Jones yelled from his office. 

I shoot one more glare and walk in first. I hear her mutter something but it wasn't clear. When we take our seats she scoots her seat as far from me as she can. I only laugh at her pettiness. 

"Now one of you tell me why this little disagreement happened?"

"It all started because she scratched my car and now she won't pay to get it fixed"

"Or maybe it all started because she's crazy and thinks I scratched her stupid car"

"You did too scratch it!Who else would?"

"How about all the people who hate you"

"Nobody hates me but you. You stupid hater"

She only rolled her eyes. 

"Look as far as I'm concerned you both started the fight therefore you both must be punished"

"I didn't start it she did," She said pointing her pale finger at me.


"Ms.Swift don't interrupt me when I'm talking.And you both have detention for two weeks any pouting will result in two more weeks understood?"

We both let a heavy sigh but nod.

He smiles and dismisses us. 

We gather our stuff but before she can leave I grab her arm.

"You ruin my Oscar de la Renta again and I'll ruin your face got it,"I say. 

She pulls her arm from mine and makes claw movements mocking me. I turn away before I start another brawl and speed walk to class. 

Justin P.O.V. 

Even though we have an assignment in Math no one's doing it. Mainly because of the 'Kat Fight' that just occurred. I thought Sel and Taylor weren't friends but she defended her so I guess they're talking again. Or maybe she was just being her nice self. Either way that was one epic fight. I wonder now that they have a few scratches that they won't have the party.. 

I pull out my phone and text Kendall. 

To Kenny

Is the party still on?

From Kenny 

U bet ur ass it is and don't forget to come early ;) for ur present

To Kenny 

What is it????

From Kenny 

It's a surprise stupid :/

Now do ur work I have to go

I sigh and lay back in the chair. Maybe I should start on the essay from Language. 

I pull out a piece of paper and then I realize I don't even what it's supposed to be about. I take a deep breath and decide to text Selena. I hope she hasn't changed her number again or just plain blocked me. 

To Wifey

Um what was the assignment about in Language?

It takes a whole ten minutes before there's a reply. 

From Wifey 

Well maybe if you weren't texting you would know

To Wifey 

Sel don't be like this I really need to know babe

From Wifey

Don't call me that

To Wifey

can u just tell me plz?

From Wifey

It's about what u did over the summer

To Wifey 

thx babe

From Wifey 

I'm blocking you :)

To Wifey 


There is no response after that but she hasn't blocked me yet so I guess she just meant that she doesn't wanna talk. 

I put up my phone and start working on the long essay. 

Ariana Grande P.O.V.

I can't believe Taylor and Kim actually fought. I always they would just bicker on Instagram and Twitter but I never thought they would really fight. But I know that's gonna be the only thing people really talk about at Kim's Bash. I was so happy I'd gotten an invitation. Mostly only people in her grade but being a junior I feel honored to attend. and though I didn't get along with Kim that much I got along with Kendall so I guess that's why she invited me. 

"Um do you know the answer to number 18 by any chance love?" a voice asked. 

I turned to see nothing but blonde and black hair. Huh? Am I hallucinating?

Then the hair laughs and a hand moves it back to reveal a face. The girl's eyes were a pretty shade of blue and she was overall pretty. So why was she hiding her face?

"Sorry many people get confused with my wig but I'm Sia," She smiled happily. 

Hm. I think I've heard of her. I think she's the girl who sang a song called 'Chandelier' last year at the talent show. She was amazing in my opinion. 

"Oh um hi I'm Ariana and I think it's 46xy" 

She scribbles on her paper for a minute and smiles when she gets the same answer. She gives me a thank you and goes back to work. I feel a buzz from the hem of my skirt and look to see it's from Justin. I roll my eyes but answer it

Taylor P.O.V. 

I make it through the day and I slowly make my way to detention. This would be my fist time in here. And I knew this wouldn't good on my record but what could I do? I had to defend myself. When I get in the room Kim is sitting there scrolling through her phone. Most likely on Instagram. 

I take the only seat which is next to her. She looks up and gives me a disgusted look and continues to scroll through the pics. Soon we're joined by an older teacher who demands our phones be put up for us to write the sentences on the board repeatedly until detention is over. We both share a groan but get out paper and pens. Then I feel a cold liquid on me. I look down at once blue skirt that is now a sickly green colour. I look closer and realize that it's Kim's organic Kale drink. 

"You spilled your stupid juice on me. ON purpose"

"Sorry it was accident...like your life," she darkly whispers. 

Before I can slap her the teacher tells me to the bathroom to clean myself. 

That's it Kim and I officially have BAD BLOOD.  


Sorry some of there parts are short.I'll try to make them longer and on the party chapters I'm adding new people. :)

Band-aids don't fix bullet holes you only say sorry for show-Taylor Swift



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