In danger

A girl was being chase by people that where trying to hurt her and she had to go somewhere safe before they get to her and she arrived at an unfamiliar house and met a guy.... you'll just have to read the rest and find out.


3. trusting

Stephany's POV

I pulled out my phone and texted Calum

Stephany: hi it's your friend that you've known for 2 hours.

Calum: haha what's up beautiful? How is it down there?

Stephany: it's good, I like it here.

Calum: good, that makes me happy. If you need anything let me know

Stephany: you're such a sweetie, thank you

Calum: stop saying thank you

Stephany: I just met you and you treat me better than anyone I ever known

Calum: well they're idiots

Stephany: and why is that?

Calum: because you're a beautiful girl that deserves to be treated with respect and that's a shame that nobody treats you like royalty.

Stephany: wow

Stephany: that was deep

Stephany: holy shit you're perfect

Calum: that's all you

Stephany: tbh I would kiss you right now

Stephany: Calum?

Stephany: did you fall asleep??

*door opens*

Calum is standing in front of my bed and walks over to me and presses his lips against mine. Didn't see that coming. I spoke up breaking the silence.

"You wouldn't like me if you got to know me" I said

"I bet that's not true" he said placing his hand on my knee.

"It is. I'm a reckless bitch" "what does that mean?" He said looking concern.

"It means I'm trouble" "how?" " I do drugs, steal, all that fun stuff" I said looking down"

"oh that's what you mean, well I read, study, read, study, and play video games and read" he smiled.

" awww little book warm" I giggled

"sure, how are the drugs? I never did any" he said.

"They're alright" "then why do you do them if they're just alright?" He said with a concern face.

"Makes me forget" "about?" "My past and present." "And why do you steal?" "It gives me a rush" "you're very different than me. I would never do those things" he said.

"you're an angel, I'm the devil" I smiled

"no you're an angel for sure. or at least I see you as one" he said making me blush.

"You just met me, you won't for long" I said looking down. "Will see" he smirked making me smile

"now what school do you go to?" "I go to bishop ireton high school"

"that's so weird, I go there too, what's your last name?" "Terry, Stephany Terry" I said looking confused.

"Oh shit I hear about you all the time, you're very popular."

"Only because I do drugs and drink that's why, not for who I am." "And who are you?"

"Well that's difficult to say, after the lonely nights. I practically drank myself away"

"you've had lonely night?"

"Some but I usually go out with friends and get. Drunk or high, but it still lonely nights even when I'm with people"

"maybe you should stop doing drugs" he said with a half fake smile

"I thought about it, but it's like numbing the pain for me." "You have a lot of pain in your life." "My family has a lot of problems" I sigh.

"honestly, my family is just conceited rich adults, my parents have so much money to burn, like sometimes I wake up and they leave a note saying they're going on vacation"

" that's annoying as fuck" I said

"but thank god i got my books and my video games to keep me sane, now I got you" he said smiling.

"That was cute. But I feel really bad because I don't know when I'm leaving. I have no other place to go?"

"You don't have any family?" "Not that I talk to, they all hate my family and lost connection with us a while ago" really? Are they that bad?"

"Please don't tell anyone, I'm starting to trust you" "who am I going to tell? I have no friends" "my parents are in the mafia" "holy shit" Calum practically yelled.

"Yeah it's bad" "you were raised into it?" "Yeah since I was very little, but as I get older it progresses, especially when my dad commits these crimes and makes enemies then they find out he has a daughter then they come after me"

"is that what happens tonight?" "Yes but I didn't have my ex boyfriend to get through it" "wait what?"

"Well I've known my ex since I was young his father is best friends with my dad" "why is he your ex?" "Because I broke up with him because he is in the mafia, he knows how much I hate it, but he has to do it because of his father. He's a dangerous guy."

"Are you still in love with him?" He said looking concerned "I've dated him him since I was in seventh grade. I've known him since pre school. It's hard not to be."

"That hurt" he said looking a little hurt. "What?" I asked "nothing, never mind. Where is he now?" "I don't know?"

"Shouldn't you be rich as fuck since your parents are in the mafia?" "Yeah I should be. My parents are rich not me. They don't give me shit. They say I need to earn it, so I steal" I said looking a little angry.

"What a great influence they have on you" "exactly that's why I keep my distance" I said looking down on my phone and realized I was receiving text messages from my ex.

"My boyfriend keeps texting me" I said "ex?" "Yeah sorry" I said to Calum looking a little ticked.

"What did he say? Just answer him" he said

"how much he loves me and how he's worried about me"

"that's cool, answer him" he said still looking ticked. "It's dangerous" I said

"well apparently he's the love of your life so trust him" he said standing up from the bed.

"Are you okay?" I asked worried

"I'm totally fine" he said walking out of the little house closing the door behind him.

"I hope so" I mumbled.

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