In danger

A girl was being chase by people that where trying to hurt her and she had to go somewhere safe before they get to her and she arrived at an unfamiliar house and met a guy.... you'll just have to read the rest and find out.


2. place to stay

Place to stay

I saw a older woman in a dress next to an older man. He had a black suit on and a big smile. Then their eyes met with mine and their smiles disappeared. "Who's this?" The lady asked. "Hi mom. This is my friend Stephany" he jumped up. I did the same, smiling shaking their hand. "She's doesn't have a place to stay her parents kicked her out, can she stay here?" He asked. He lied for me and we just me. Cute. "Why did your parents kick you out?" The man asked. I open my mouth, but Calum cut me off. "That's a little personal, dad. She's had a rough night. Can she please?" Calum interrupted. "Fine. She can stay in the guest house" his mom said. "Thank you" I smiled. His mom nodded and they left the room. All I felt was Calum's eyes on me. "Guest house?" I laughed. "Come with me" he demanded. I followed him until we reached the back door. His hand latched onto the handle, sliding the door open. It took us to a huge backyard with a pool in the middle. Next to the pool was a little house. I followed in back of him until we reached the door to the house. He pulled the door open. It was dark, it reminded me of the empty road. The lights turned on and revealed a little house. The bed was in the corner while the bathroom was next to it. I climbed onto the bed, lying down.

"You don't have to do this" I smiled, putting my head on the pillow. Calum took the edge of the blanket, pulling it up to my chin.

"Get some rest. You're safe here" calum replied. "Here's my number, text me. I'll be in my room, if you need anything of course"

"I can't thank you enough" I smiled.

"My pleasure" he smiled, walking out of the house shutting the door behind him.

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